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    UNITED NATIONS - The United States on Thursday introduced a new draft resolution in the Security Council to punish North Korea for its reported nuclear test and said it wants a vote on Friday. Russia urged the United States not to rush the vote, saying Moscow still had differences and the U.S. should wait for the results of a flurry of high-level diplomacy.

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    One evening a police officer was staking out a particularly rowdy bar in order to catch potential drunk drivers. At closing time, he saw a man come stumbling out of the bar, sway across the street and try his keys on five different cars before he found his own. He sat in the front seat fumbling around with his keys for several minutes. Everyone else left the bar and drove off.

    Finally the man started his engine and began to drive off. The police officer, waiting for the man the whole time, stopped the driver, read him his rights and administered a breathalyzer test. The results showed a reading of 0.0. The puzzled officer demanded to know how this was possible. The driver replied, "Tonight I'm the designated decoy."

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    Google today released a mobile version of Google Maps for Palm OS Treo smart phones. The free, downloadable application provides directions, local search, live traffic updates and satellite imagery.

    Google Maps for Treo offers real-time info for over 30 major U.S. cities and has been optimized for the Treo 680, 700p, 650 and 600.

    Earlier this year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the company would be concentrating more of its efforts on mobile products. In July, Google released Google Maps for Mobile, which debuted the live traffic data feature mentioned above.

    Google already makes several of its products available via cell phone, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google SMS, Google News, Google Personalized Home and several search features.
    Google began testing mobile AdWords in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany in September.

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    BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A rare early October snowstorm that buried parts of the Great Lakes region under as much as 2 feet of snow was blamed Friday for at least three deaths in New York state, widespread blackouts and stranded travelers.

    The Erie County Health Department said two people died in traffic accidents - one in Niagara County and the other in the town of Lancaster - and another person died after being hit by a falling tree limb while shoveling snow in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst.

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