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    I read a newspaper article today 4\4\06 that stated: Are HybridsReally Greener? The argument was, from production to dismantling and battery recycling including the complexity of the car design , it takes more energy to produce , and get rid of the car including recycling of the batteries , compared to a scion XB during a normal cars life time. In a matter of fact, the article also said that a mid sized suv will produce less of a lifetime energy coast compared to a prius or civic hybrid. The civics average energy demand per mile was about 2.23 per mile verse the scion xb .45 cents. The prius averaged 2.24 dollars per mile. What Im getting from this, is this. This study was done by a a company that is based out of washington state. This company specializes in studies like this. They are saying that a prius consumes more energy to make and recycle and fuel consumption during its lifetime than an easy to produce scion XB . Now don' t get me wrong folks I don't believe it. This is going to stir up some big time arguments. I think big oil is at it again. Can somebody with facts on this subject provide me with info , or tell me where I can find out more about the total energy consumption from production , fuel, dismantling, and recycling? Thanks.

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    The problem with these articles are they compare apples to oranges.

    Bicycles are greener. They again as soon as they have enough money in the land of bicycles ... China ... they buy a car.

    Where do you draw the line. Maybe we should ban living in homes (apartments or single family) and only allow RV's and mandate RV parking at all places of employment. I'm sure if you did the calculation on how much energy goes into manufacturing a home ...

    Other people want everyone to live in hyper dense urban areas and ride around in trains.

    All I know is my hybrid has a slick drive train (kind of like those people who brag about their Cummins Diesel eh?), has a 60/40 back seat, a good stereo, and seats 5 adults if I want it to. And when I went car shopping ... it was there.

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    Doesn't appear they take emissions into account.

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