// Future of Transmission Repair Business?
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    Future of Transmission Repair Business?

    What happens to the AAMCO/other transmission repair shops as hybrid technology becomes more popular?

    How long until no transmissions exist? Not even CVTs... Thoughts?

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    Future of Transmission Repair Business?


    Personally, I believe this is one of the biggest reasons that the automobile manufactures don't like electric vehicles. They render the gasoline engine and the transmission obsolete as well as take a huge bite out of the repair and parts markets.

    Suggest something that gets rid of these major parts of the industry and you won't find many friends willing to hang around with you.

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    Future of Transmission Repair Business?

    Thanks for the response. You are probably right. It will probably be quite some time before new technologies have an effect on these type industries.

    Thanks again

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    The gears were typically

    The gears were typically engaged by sliding them on their shafts, which required careful timing and throttle manipulation when shifting, so the gears would be spinning at roughly the same speed when engaged, otherwise, the teeth would refuse to mesh. So it takes some care. Business speaker

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    Definetly a Transmission Repair buisness is something that will never cease. As far as the automotive buisness its a change in leadership not production. The automotive repair buisness in my own opion will greatly expand due to the current economic atmosphere and more people buying used cars and also holding onto their current vehicles and repairing them rather than purchasing new vehicles.

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