// 08 Highlander Hybrid Won't Start
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    08 Highlander Hybrid Won't Start

    I got this SVU today and it's been running fine all day until I brought it home tonight and started exploring some of the systems while sitting in the garage. I was hitting the eco and ev buttons, I explored some of the nav screen options, turned on seat heating, etc etc just trying to get to know my new car. During this process it started having what seemed to be power issues, I think particularly when I was hitting the eco and ev buttons. The nav screen kept flashing every ten seconds, and eventually I turned it off and could not get it to come back on. The tiny little screen at the top flashes the highlander intro, a red light comes on at the push to start button, but that's it. The tiny screen goes dark again, the remote doesn't work. I tried jumping it to no avail. Sometimes the check engine light is on, sometimes not. The only real clue I have is a clicking noise coming from the engine bay, and more specifically it seems to be coming from a box marked 'Relay'. Are there fuses in there? Could it be a simple thing of replacing them? Thanks!

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