I am looking to purchase a new vehicle. This vehicle will be replacing a truck, and will largely be used for weekend trips and very short trips about town. In other words, it won't be a daily commuter.

I have been negotiating for a new Toyota Tacoma truck. A very nice truck that will allow me to go off-road, be a good camping vehicle, etc.

However, in the final hours, my environmental conscious has gotten the better of me and I feel that if making such a significant purchase I should at the very least making a statement regarding my personal ethics and contributing my money towards the development of sustainable techonologies.

I am in a quandry however. I drive off-road often. Typically nothing a normal passenger car can't handle.

Does anybody have any experience with driving a Prius or HCH on fairly well graded dirt roads? Any problems with dust, vibration, etc?

The Highlander is too expensive, the Escape made by Ford...so can't consider those two.