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    Carbon Fiber Aftermarket Parts

    I recently thought about installing a carbon fiber hood on my honda civic hybrid. Does anybody have any experience or know how on this subject. Say the windshield washer fluid ports? I have found a few web pages on the subject , but Im still researching this concept. Im trying to shave some more weight of the car. I have done things , like removing floor mats, head rests, trunk mat , which creates more trunk volume, but I feel I could do better. Any thoughts?

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    Get the lighter wheels weights s/b around 14lb to 17 lbs each. good luck.

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    May want to consider crash protection as a factor. I'm guessing aftermarket carbon fiber hood has probably not been tested in collision scenarios.
    Generally, the stock hood is tested as part of
    a collision protection subsystem. For example, the hood often interlocks into the top of the fenders to allow the hood to absorb energy (via deformation) in a prescribed manner. Also a safety concern: I'm also going to assume that you are removing the rear headrests as there are no passengers in the back seats!

    Also: There are ways you can estimate the effect of the new hood prior to purchase. As a "napkin" calculation, I calculate your new hood will save you
    12.4 gallons of fuel.** I'm assuming the hood costs you more than this.

    (**Based on 1mpg increase for 100 lbs shed, carbon hood 10lbs less than metal, 200K vehicle lifetime... blah blah blah... Go ahead and play with the numbers and make your own conclusions. Refine these guesses and you will get a better idea of the cost/benefit ratio.)

    The beauty of the mods you have done already is that they have low to zero cost, and are easily reversible!

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    If you never take passengers...Remove all non-essential seats...
    Ditch anything that's not needed. Maybe you should look in the mirror too...
    What tire pressures do you run. Tire pressure will effect it more than some high dollar C/F hood. The hood is very light weight already.
    C/F is a bling thing and a waste of money.
    My car is stock(grill screens added)and I get 55.42 MPG.
    Strip it down to a bare bones roller. Make sure and log your info before starting this little quest so you can compare it later..

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