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    Please check out our new car

    Please check out our new car harmonizer and contact me with any questions. We have the ONLY patented technology proven to be effective in EMF protection.

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    I am concerned about the EMF

    I am concerned about the EMF that comes from cars electrical appliances. People say that it safe but when I was Younger I worked in a shoe store Agnew surpass and they had an old Street store around Keel and Dundas in Toronto. The basement of that store had a wide staircase from upstairs which was blocked and the basement was like a museum of an old shoe store . There was boxes full of xrays of little feet and also the xray machine they used to take these xrays I think no one knew that xrays can harm the body . we my be the same . There is allot of money in this and people will say it is safe . but with the rise in cancer and other illnesses we may know different latter on.

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    does anyone have the

    does anyone have the measurements of the honda insight 2010 and how to shield yourself better? Thanks [email protected]

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    I recently learned about

    I recently learned about EMF's in electrical cars. The more I read , the more I get confused. I just want to know if driving an electric car, is like being beside power lines. I know the EMF"s don't come from the battery but from the cables that run from the battery to the engine.
    I found the comments very helpful, at least I am not the only crazy person freaking out about this. Of course my husband thinks I am totally nuts and really want to get an electric car.

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    Shape of the shield In

    Shape of the shield
    In general, spherical and cylindrical shaped shields work best. This is
    because magnetic field lines resist making sharp turns. When spherical
    and cylindrical shapes are not possible it is always best to make bends
    with a curve, rather than a sharp crease. Note however, that a cylinder
    shield around a straight wire does not prevent the magnetic field from
    emitting. It will however, protect the wire inside from fields originating
    outside the shield. See diagram at right.
    Pay careful attention to bending the material. Because the magnetic properties are highly dependant on
    size/shape of the metal crystals, any manipulation such as bending or high heating which alters crystal
    size/shape will adversely affect the ability of magnetic field lines to travel through that area. Often
    bending is absolutely necessary. One can either accept some decreased performance, or re-anneal the
    material after forming to achieve peak performance.
    Size of the shield
    In general, the larger the shield, the more magnetic field lines it will
    “attract”. However, magnetic field lines which travel at a distance
    from the shield location will not have an incentive to travel through
    the shield. See diagram at right. On the other hand, larger shields will
    also “conduct” more of the Earth’s magnetic field. At about 400 mG,
    the Earth’s field can saturate high permeability shields, if large
    enough, or thin enough.
    A general recommendation for a typical application in a home environment where one is shielding a
    circuit box with flat shielding is to shield an area which extends about 2-3 feet beyond the dimensions
    of the source. So a shield about 6 ft x 6 ft is recommended. If the presence of a side wall, floor, or
    ceiling restricts the size of the shield, the shielding material can be continued around the corner, but the
    metal must be continuous, or properly joined.

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