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    EMF's in hybrids

    I had a guy from my local Electric company come over with his Gauss meter, and do EMF readings in my bedroom, where I'm sleeping right next to a giant wall of electrical stuff. He's eyes bulged when he saw the meter reading...and said that it was higher than what some people get living near a high-power line! It was 125 mG!!! Luckily on the inside of the wall, at my bed, near where I sleep it had dropped to 2.8mG, and he said that 3 mG is what some people consider possibly dangerous. And a few more inches over, exactly where I sleep, it was down to .5mG. So I feel relieved...although I think I'm still gonna move my bed, just to be safe. You may be wondering why I'm talking about electric meters, my bed and EMF's on this Forum....well...While the guy was here, I asked him if he'd be willing to check out my Honda Insight, as I'd seen some info on the net about high EMF readings in them. So he did a reading on the engine....and got 1-3 mG. And then when we drove, ONLY during acceleration, it got up to 2 mG near my hip, and didn't lower much from that when he moved it farther away. I understand that the standard party line from places like NIOSH is that 3mG EMF is considered potentially dangerous. However, I eat organic food, don't use microwaves....and try to live a more *natural* life. I know that some of you engineer types will probably reply with some comments like: "you are more likely to get killed in a wreck with an SUV" or something like that....but I am concerned about EMF's. I think man-made forces...things like that, that we don't have much research on yet...should be of concern. Anyway, I'm more inclined to side with the Swedes who have apparently done lots of studies on the EMF topic, and come up with very different conclusions than I see in our country. I tend to side with those Scandinavians on lots of issues, actually ;-)

    Do any of you have info on or experience with this topic? I love my Honda Insight...but not if it's gonna kill me, or make me sick, from high EMF's. Thanks.

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    You might find this article

    You might find this article of interest:


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    EMF's in hybrids


    You may want to do some EMF checking in a non hybrid vehicle before you decide hybrids are dangerous. I saw one study that found EMFs up to 125mg generated by the steel belted radial tires on a vehicle. Just a different brand of tires could produce higher EMFs in a regular car than you measured in the hybrid.

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    EMF's in hybrids

    The World Health organization has lots of info on EMF and guidelines. They used microTesla (muT) vs. milliGauss (mG) in the US.

    In short, their guideline for what is safe is 50 times less than the EMF levels that cause behavioural changes in animal studies.

    WHO safety guideline for EMF is 100muT, or 1000mG. That means in animal studies they reached 50000mG before behavioural effects were observed in animals.

    So, a reading of 2mG is super small. Make sure your reading is indeed milliGauss, and not Gauss. Because 2G is, well, twice over the limit, but well below the 50G where animal behaviour is affected.

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    just trying to find out what

    just trying to find out what the deal is about emf's in a 08 toyota prius. Is the car have a shield? There is a company selling a disc for the prius to protect you from the battery. if someone knows about this matter plz. advise. thanks.!

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    low level EMF concern is an

    low level EMF concern is an unfounded concern. Of course, just because no evidence exists for any health concerns doesn't mean there isn't any but its very dubious.
    HOWEVER anyone selling anything to protect you from EMFs from a battery is a scammer. Batteries provide DC and DC doesn't emit any EMF. EMF only comes from AC.

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    So that you know, Toyota

    So that you know, Toyota Technology Manager Gary Smith pointed out that all battery and wiring components in the Prius are encased in materials designed to shield EMFs. Because of this, the Prius is well above World Health Organization guidelines for EMF exposure and EMF levels are equal to or less than conventional vehicles.

    One unethical FOX News piece tested EMFs in a Prius of 40-200 mG- the same piece registered 150 mG from a conventional car speaker. EPA estimates for other appliances measured at 6 inches can be worse. Here are the maximum readings found for various common appliances:
    Hair dryer- 600 mG; Electric shaver- 600 mG; Microwave- 300 mG; Copy machine- 200 mG; Vacuum cleaner- 700 mG; and Electric can opener- 1500 mG

    You can see the full story about EMFs in hybrids at www.Toyoland.com

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    I've had the same EMF

    I've had the same EMF readings from my 2000 Honda Civic, a non-hybrid. I am concerned as it seems that my Dodge does not give off any EMF. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the antenna because the higher readings come when I hold my detector up to my windshield. At my steering wheel it registers 2-3 mG and at my legs about the same. I have gotten stomach cramps and was not sure if it was related to the car. I did write HOnda a letter with my concerns and had gotten a call back but never did talk to anyone. I would like to hear what their explanation is for exposing individuals to such high emf and why no lawsuit has been filed?

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    Hi, I was wondering who


    I was wondering who sells a shield for the Prius? I have a civic hybrid and I'm worried about my kids getting too much EMF exposure. Maybe they sell something for the Hybrid


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    You are all total clowns. I

    You are all total clowns. I wish we could do a show of hands and see which commenters were hired by Big Auto to post derisive, hypochondriac comments about hybrid batteries.

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