Is everyone experiencing high insurance rates on their HCH's? Our 2006 HCH insurance ($1180 Annually) is more than double our new Explorer ($520 Annually) or my 4X4 Truck ($490 Annually) that I have parked to drive the Hybrid. In fact, if you add both the Explorer and Pick-Up insurance it still is less than our Civic Hybrid coverage! I have called MANY different insurance companies and they all show the Hybrids at very high rates compared to gas guzzling vehicles. The only explanation offered, "small vehicles have more damage in an accident and higher medical costs". We have never filed a claim or had an accident that was our fault and have not had a citation of any kind for over 16 years! No teenage drivers, just me (41) my wife (37).

We have not owned a small car for years and I can not believe the insurance is so high on such a conservative vehicle! Takes some of the fun of saving so much at the pump away!