// CA Insurance Discount For Hybrids?
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    CA Insurance Discount For Hybrids?

    Has anyone found a CA auto insurer that povides a hybrid car discount to attract customers?

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    Nope... Insurance companies don`t care that it`s a hybrid.
    They base there rates so they can charge more, not less...
    My 2007 HCH-II is $14.00 less per 6 months term than my 2006 Civic EX

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    Hybrid Car Insurance Discount

    I have heard that Traveler's insurance is offering a 10% discount in certain areas of the country for owning a hybrid. Hopefully some other insurance companies will follow suit. Check with an independent insurance agent or compare some auto insurance quotes online (and keep in mind the discounts for multiple lines of insurance - home and auto if you have a house as well).

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