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    I've been shopping for a

    I've been shopping for a year old (2011) Prius or possibly a new one. I wasn't going to buy new, totally goes against my grain, but I have a chronic bad back and I could swear that the seat hurt my back too, and that's just after test drives. However, today I test drove the 2012 Prius IV, it has an electronically, fully adjustable driver's side seat that is MUCH more comfortable. (They have switched from leather to something called "soft touch" in this higher end model.) At least it was in the test drive. All the other Prius', including the high end 2011 models, only had manual adjustment and it didn't allow for adjusting the seat bottom, and wasn't as exacting. This electronic one, with built-in adjustable lumbar support, really seemed to make the difference. It seems awful to have to buy this more expensive model to be comfortable, but I just may have to. Anyone out there already driving the 2012 Prius IV? Do you find these fully adjustable seats to be comfortable?

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    I have a 2011 Prius, and

    I have a 2011 Prius, and although I've been complaining since I bought the car that the steering wheel was uncomfortable, I just recently realized the Prius is what has been causing my back pain. I should have made the association sooner (I started getting back pains not too long after I bought my Prius), but I guess I'm not that bright. I had been going to a chiropractor a few times a week for several months. I would feel better when I left the chiropractor, but the pain would come back within a day. Anyway, while on vacation, I found a great massage therapist who worked out all the knots, and for the first time in 18 months, I was PAIN FREE (for almost 4 weeks)! Well, WAS is the operative word. When I got back home, and drove my car the next week....and the pain came back immediately. Yep, turns out, the ole' steering wheel position was the culprit (only way I can reach the wheel without having my knees on the dashboard is to have my arms fully extended/stretched out).

    I don't think adding foam will help, but I'm willing to try. If foam doesn't work, I'm hoping my husband will trade vehicles with me. And if that doesn't work, I'll be trading her in for a different vehicle.

    What a shame. Actually, shame on Toyota. There's enough forums that discuss the seats/wheel, that they've got to know there's a problem...and yet they haven't fixed it on newer models.

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    Wow! I just found these

    Wow! I just found these comments after suffering for almost 3 years with my 2010 Prius IV. Yes, I have "lumbar support" but all it does is push my tailbone out so my back is even more concave. It doesn't support my upper spine at all. The head rest is ridiculous and I've finally decided I need to build my own upper back support cushion so I can actually sit up straight and feel supported when I drive. Has anyone found an aftermarket solution?

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    I see I am not the only one

    I see I am not the only one suffering with back pain i am very upset that I paid$ 29000.00 dollars for a Prius 2010 and toyota couldn't not even give me a confortable seat I think we should get together I do a Class Action Law Suit on this very profitable company that do not care about the consumer I feel ripe off.
    Now I am stock with daily bad pain after driving my quality of life has deteriorating becouse Toyota corporation didn't want to spend any money on a confortable seat. What a shame Estela

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    I just had to comment. Class

    I just had to comment. Class action law suit because your back hurts? That is why you test drive a car. I am not trying to be rude but you should have thought about that BEFORE made the purchase. All a class action law suit would accomplish would be push the price even higher.

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    My wife insisted on a Prius

    My wife insisted on a Prius one year ago. Since then, bought the kids a Mini, which she drives most of the time.

    I drove the Prius over 800 miles in last week due to good gas mileage. But frankly, the piece of garbage seats just aren't worth the mileage. We have the electric lumbar support and it doesn't help. Granted, my car is a CL Mercedes...so no comparison on comfort etc. But seriously, by mile 200 we are talking pain. Used a towel to help with seating position and pain, but still garbage. Even my wife who "loves" her Prius can't see keeping it for too much longer. Amazing that Toyota can build a car that sells for over $30k loaded and not put in halfway decent seats. GARBAGE!!!

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    I bought a 2010 prius a year

    I bought a 2010 prius a year ago and had the seat changed out with a recaro seat. best $2,000 i have spent on a car acessory. there is a guy in bekeley ca that did it for me. not cheap but made my commute easier. there was some modification with the in seat airbag that he had to disable though!!!

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    Tami, You really can not


    You really can not assess that during a test drive. The problem kicks in over longer drives. I live an hour from town and it is not bad but not great. One week I had to go to town 4 times and that completely threw my back out. This is such an ongoing complaint that Toyota really should do something about it.

    The bottom part of the seat should be level rather than angling down toward the back. I think that would help the majority of folks. you can fix this with a foam wedge, but I have found that it is nothing like just having a good seat.

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    I bought a Prius a week ago

    I bought a Prius a week ago and am having terrible back problems as well. I have had back issues in the past, but was doing well until I started driving it. I'm really upset - not only had I been wanting a Prius for a long time, but now that I'm stuck with a new car and traded in my old, I don't know what to do! I'm going to try buying a seat cover from a back store and will see what my chirpractor says, but truly I can't believe Toyota won't address this issue!

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    Great sympathy for everyone

    Great sympathy for everyone with the back problems, and I've got it too. I recently rented a Nissan Altima 2012 with anti-gravity seat and it was great for my back. Was planning to buy a regular, best mileage Prius, so rented one but felt after an hour of driving that my back pain got worse. Just saw that the Prius V has power adjustable lumbar support front seat, so I am going to try renting that next, and then perhaps the dealer can put the Prius V seat into the regular Prius. Wish me luck!

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