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    I recommend trying a lumbar

    I recommend trying a lumbar support cushion that has an adjustable strap built into it. You can secure it around the seat so that it doesn't move as much while you are driving.

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    Did you ever see a man with

    Did you ever see a man with concave back like in the drivers seat of the latest Prius? I didn't. Couldn't imagine how crazy and illiterate designer should be to build something like latest Prius drivers seat, especially having very comfortable seat of Prius II.
    So, guys, I think it time to cooperate - this drivers seat is ruining the back - let's work on recall. And if somebody found some interim solution - please share ideas.

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    I bought a 2010 Prius two

    I bought a 2010 Prius two months ago and my back is killing me !!!!! I am looking for aftermarket seat covering options !! The car is great and I love the mileage !!! My only other comments are the back up chime should be on the outside and the shifting lever has backward and forward 180 degrees out of place.

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    I test drove a prius IV last

    I test drove a prius IV last week that had an electronic lumbar support.. I am concidering purchasing it...Are any of the complaints above cars with the electric lumbar support? Is additional support needed? Thanks

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    I just bought a 2011 this

    I just bought a 2011 this week, and my back hurt all the next day after I drove it for two hours. I'm looking for a way to fix that. But I am glad to know others have this problem too. Toyota should do something about it. It's so unnecessary. How hard can it be to make a decent seat for this car?

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    Bought a 2011 Prius a month

    Bought a 2011 Prius a month and half ago. Had driven my friend's 2007 a lot and had no problems. But during the 40-min drive home from the dealership w/ my new car noticed significant pain. Have tried all sorts of things and spent 4.5 hours at an after-market place yesterday and it's still bad. Pain is lower back and affecting my hips (and affecting my playing sports...) Can't even drive it a few minutes. Still recovering from it getting particularly bad. Survive with a back support thing that isn't quite right. Now putting squares of foam behind my back in various places. Never have had trouble with any other car. Lucky to have a friend's car to get reprieve. Thinking of selling... Trying to work with Toyota. Toyota needs to know about the problem.

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    I also have a 2010 Prius

    I also have a 2010 Prius when I started my job in late 2010. I had back surgery in 2008 and was doing great with no pain or problems what so ever. After using the car for a month, by back starting hurting again. It continued to worsen to the point of having to have major problems with my back. I then bought a chair support from Relax the Back and the sales person asked if I had a Prius, I told him yes, and he said that he had 5 people in the last month come in complaining of back problems that had a Prius. Still with the added support, I still have pain when driving. I hope to get a different car from my company soon.

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    A few suggestions... 1. Go

    A few suggestions...

    1. Go to www.evnut.com. He installed a lumbar himself. He is a crack up and has great ideas also.

    2. Costco has a nice back support for around '$30. It not only is a cooling pad, it has good lumbar support. I found it very helpful.

    3. Aftermarket stores that specialize in car installations like tinted windows and clear bras usually have these. I found one that will do it for $299.

    Hope these help!

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    I have to complain because I

    I have to complain because I am outraged. I have one of the worst commutes in the counrty from Baltimore to DC everyday. I purchased a 2011 prius in June and I have put 12k miles on the car. The mpg is fantastic, but the back pain is so painful that I am considering getting rid of the car. I have tried everything. I am an average size man and I can`t fit comfortably in the driver seat. The steering wheel doesn`t telescope and there is no room for my legs so I have the seat all the way back, but then I have diffuculty reaching the steering wheel. I was sitting on a theraputic seat cushion to dampen the vibration to my hurting tail bone and a lumbar support behind my back. After 20 minutes these cusions do nothing. I dread getting in the seat of the 2011 prius. There is aboslutly no back support in the car. The way the seat looks it would only fit a hunchback. Yesterday I purchased a brookstone seat massager and it feels nice but it puts me too far forward in the seat and my legs are even more uncomfortable. Anybody have any suggestions. I have tried everything!

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    Wish I had read all this

    Wish I had read all this before I bought my 2011 six weeks ago. I can relate to everyone who is in pain. That seat is killing me! I tried five different seat/lumbar supports from Relax the Back, but then I had to have the seat at the lowest position and my head was too high to sit straight. Also I have long legs proportionate to my arms, and I wish the steering wheel would have come out farther. It does not adjust very much.

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