// E85 or Biodiesel Hybrids
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    E85 or Biodiesel Hybrids

    With the advent of the Ford Escape Hybrid capable of combusting E85, are any other car manufacturers looking at E85 hybrids-or better yet, biodiesel hybrids?

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    E85 or Biodiesel Hybrids

    I have heard GM is looking at E85 for their full size Silverado and Yukon Hybrids. Because of the decrease in horsepower from burning ethanol, carmakers tend to focus their flex fuel efforts on 6 cyclinder or bigger engines since the loss of power doesn't have as much impact.

    Everyone should read the USA Today article on E85. Buried in the story is the fact that Big Oil has started hoarding ethanol (they say its to replace MTBE) which has driven the price of E85 up almost 30 cents nationally in the last week! At the same time they have been increasing the flow of regular gas to lower the cost of unleaded about 10 cents since last week. The result, just when Americans are starting to notice that they could be cutting their oil consumption by 60% and their emissions by 50% by using E85, its suddenly almost 70 cents more per gallon than regular gas! Shame, Exxon-Mobil!!!

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