// Plug-in, Gas-optional Hybrid in 2007?
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    Plug-in, Gas-optional Hybrid in 2007?

    I'm trying to decide whether to buy a hybrid now, or wait to see if a plug-in, gas optional hybrid will come out in 2007. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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    Plug-in, Gas-optional Hybrid in 2007?

    I don't think there is much chance of a gas optional hybrid by 2007. The batteries in today's hybrids will run the vehicle about 1 mile. To get something reasonable in a gas optional vehicle you need 20 or more times additional battery capacity. It could be done but the batteries would take up a lot of space and would add about $20,000 to the cost of the vehicle. I just don't expect battery technology to advance enough in two years to make a big difference in those numbers. I would wait until 2007 because I think there will be a lot more choices in hybrids at lower prices than we have now. At today's prices, gas will have to go to over $5 per gallon before you come out ahead. We have an Escape Hybrid and love it but don't expect it to ever make up for the additional initial cost.

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    Plug-in, Gas-optional Hybrid in 2007?

    Edrive has updated their website at: http://www.edrivesystems.com/ with promise of delivery in 2006. They are still estimating $10K - $12K for their plug-in add-on to the Prius.

    This won't be be fully capabile of freeway driving in EV-only mode but it certainly will take a bite out of your gasoline consumption.

    They mention that once the Prius enhancement is in production, they'll move on to the Highlander and FEH.

    I think that hope still exists.

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