// Why mileage seems so low these days
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    Why mileage seems so low these days

    First let me say I love my prius.

    Now let me ask why my 1993 Honda Civic SI which had about 135 HP was able to get MPGs of 36 to 41 but my new prius only gets about 48 to 52. I would imagine the prius could do much better then my old gas only car? Is it me or has the avg MPG of many cars gone way down over the last 10 years or so. We had a 2004 accord before getting the prius it average about 25MPG! Did emission rules change so bad that we hurt our overall MPGs or is everyone just power crazy so all our cars have to go fast?

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    Why mileage seems so low these days

    Your average MPG if around 48 is about average of 1300 prius according greenhybrid.com


    If your mileage is around 52 MPG there are probably a lot of prius owners envious of your mileage.

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    Why mileage seems so low these days

    I had the same question with my '84 Jetta, gas, 5-sp, which got 40-44 every day, all day....

    I cannot figure out why the gains aren't higher.

    Check out Mike's Polo at the bottom of the "'strategy" Discussion. He gets 60+ from a VW Polo with a 1.4tdi. Without being a hybrid.

    The way I figure it, we should be getting 35mpg from Surburbans with a Hybrid drivetrain.

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    Why mileage seems so low these days

    The Polo weighs considerably less, and is about 2/3 smaller than even a Civic.
    The HCH has a combined trunk/cabin volume of 101.3cu ft of space.
    Polo (converted) has 36.3cu ft maximum.

    The size and weight of the vehicles should answer your MPG question.

    Along with a drastically smaller car is less safety:

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    Why mileage seems so low these days

    your friend VW is a diesel car. diesel get higher mpg than gas. that how he can get the mpg without his car beening a hybrid.

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