I'm gonna buy a Honda hybrid as I've put down a non-refundable deposit. Was sold on Insight but then got a dog so leaning towards the Civic now. But the truth is that non of the colors of either thrill me. Though I might be able to live with the Civic a little longer if the hybrid was offiered as a coupe. My ideal would be a Mini Cooper if they offered a hybrid. So gonna get one of the Hondas for now, and will likely be the Civic due to needing something bigger than the Insight with the dog (about a 65 pound golden retreiver). So, wondering, among other things, about the resale value of the Civic vs. the Insight? Not sure how to factor in that the Insight will apparently be discontinued. On the one hand I realize that might make parts more expensive. On the other, it might make the car more attractive because new ones wont be available. Thoughts?