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    Heater or A/C

    It's amazing how many drivers do'nt know that by selcting recycle fo both heating & cooling you heat/cool faster & save on gas . I was LOL when I read some driver posting he never uses the MAX A/C to save gas poor fellow geting "fresh hot air inthe sumer & shivering in the winter ,must be choking on fumes in a tunnnel

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    Heater or A/C

    One point is that windows fog with recirculated air while fresh air aids to clear them.

    If you switch your knob or button to Defrost three things happen automatically on most vehicles: 1. Air is forced primarily over the windscreen 2. The AC Compressor is switched on and 3. Recirculate is switched off to allow outside air in.

    I don't know about anyone else but I get really stuffy without a constant flow of fresh air.

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    Heater or A/C

    vacum you car &clean/change tha filter

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