// Refueling at the Pump
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    Refueling at the Pump

    Has anyone seen valid information on techniques for putting gas into our cars (any kind of car). I've seen a email that states various percentages of savings by 1) Not using the faster trigger positions, 2) Not filling your car when the tanker is filling the station's underground tank, and 3) Not letting your tank level fall below half. Rationale was given for each of these points.
    And while I'm at it, is there any point to avoiding the gas that "may contain up to 10% ethanol"? In other words, the reduction in gas mileage with ethanol vs the slightly higher price of the same gas that contains NO ethanol.

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    The only pumping technique

    The only pumping technique that probably really works is lifting the rubber tube (hose) when you're done pumping to collect the gas that remains in it.

    I'm not aware of the fact that the presence of ethanol reduces gas mileage. What I do know though is that ethanol supposedly burns hotter, thus putting more wear on your engine.

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