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    Does anyone here use Acetone to increase MPG?
    If so...
    How long have you been using it?
    Why do you feel comfortable using it?
    Also, does anyone here have info on what specific materials are used in the FEH fuel system?
    Is it all metal? Does it have some plastic/rubber lines/gaskets? How about the tube running from the gas cap to the tank?
    i.e. would tiny levels of Acetone in the gas just eat through portions of the fuel lines and make me less happy with the increase in MPG??

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    Hi RJunk,

    Pull up a comfortable chair this will be a lengthy response.

    I have been using acetone in my 2002 4cyl Camry since picking it up new off the lot. To ease your concerns I have had no adverse side effects from using it as an additive. As far as my MPG I get 3-7 MPG better than what was listed on the window sticker of my car.

    I too was concerned about corrosion of my fuel lines and other various parts, so I completely submerged a 6 inch peice of fuel line into a bucket of pure acetone for a month. I noticed no apparent corrosion or damage but the fuel line did tend to swell a bit. Concerned about the swelling I tried it again with the ratio I currently use in my car (2oz per gallon), and after letting set for almost three months I could see no side effects at all. I even dissected the hose, cutting it into smaller peices to make it easier to investigate.

    Some tips for you, make sure that you only use pure 100% acetone. Also try and keep your mixture between 2-3 oz per gallon. I found that going over 3 oz was actually causing me to get less MPG. Although some vehicles may produce better results with a stonger mixture, this has been what has worked for me.

    You will hear a lot of people talking about acetone absorbing water from the gas, tank, ect. But the truth is, your car will absorb more moisture from the air than it ever will from this small amount of acetone. Also acetone has a tendency to evaporate so make sure that you keep it in a sealed container. You may also want to invest in a funnel since the acetone will eat the paint off of your car.(This happened to a friend that was careless when pouring it in the tank.) As with other additives you will want to pour in the acetone just before you fill up your car to ensure a good mixture.

    I hope that all of my jiberish has helped a little. In any case this is just one more way that I can stick it to the major oil companies, and I'll do it every chance I get.

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    i am concerned with this

    i am concerned with this response, as you should only use 2-3 oz per 10, TEN gallons, not per one gallon... do more research for yourself...

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    yeah josh is right i think

    yeah josh is right i think 2-3 per one gallon would be too much there's something wrong with this so what are you going to do about it?

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