// Highlander Hybrid in the Cold
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    Highlander Hybrid in the Cold

    I've had my Highlander since July, and have been very satisifed overall. I live in Chicago and do mainly "city" driving. I was getting 27-29 mpg until the weather turned much colder, and the gas stations changed to the winter mix gasoline. Now I'm only getting 20-23mpg.

    It appears that the hybrid system works completely differently in the cold weather, even after the engine warms up. It doesn't want to let you use only the electric battery - whether moving from a stop, or at cruising speed.

    Also, when it is VERY cold (like less than 15 degrees), and the city traffic is really bad with a lot of standstill time, it seems like the engine NEVER warms up because it keeps shutting itself off when the car is standing still.

    Is anyone else having this experience?

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    Highlander Hybrid in the Cold

    Definitely having similar experience. However, spoke today with the owner of another new HH who is getting 28 hiway, 31 city even in our recent cold weather, so this seems to be a vehicle-specific problem, some have it, others don't, or at least not nearly to the same extent. I intend to "put" the vehicle back to Toyota under the lemon law, as getting 10 mpg under sticker prediction is not operating under "applicible warranty".

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    Highlander Hybrid in the Cold

    The EPA fuel economy measures aren't obtained at 15 degree F.

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    Highlander Hybrid in the Cold

    LEARNING CURVE? Hmmmm... now that we've had cold weather for a while, it seems as the my Highlander was learning how to run optimally in the lower temperatures. The hybrid system is acting completely differently now, and I'm getting much better gas mileage! It's really important to release the acclerator and gently reapply once you have reached your desired speed.

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