// How about a Hybrid Subaru AWD wagon
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    How about a Hybrid Subaru AWD wagon

    Does anyone know if Subaru has any plans to deliver a Hybrid AWD wagon anytime soon? My friends and I all drive Subaru's and just love them to death, but we would really love to have a higher MPG hybrid version. The new Hybrid SUV's are a joke. I would consider a hybrid "AWD" toyota minivan if the price was right. I would rip the backseats out and turn it into a high milage camperVan.

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    How about a Hybrid Subaru AWD wagon

    I've driven Subarus since my first new car in 1986. I think they are great cars too. My 2005 Prius is the first non-Subaru I've ever bought, and when I bought it I sent a letter to Subaru telling them that I will be ready to buy another new car in 2012, and I would like it to be a hybrid Subaru, so they better get going.

    Anyway, I've read that they are working on vehicles with better fuel efficiency. One idea they are researching is using capacitors instead of batteries to store electrical energy. I don't have any dates as to when they expect to have their hybrid versions, but I have time to wait.....

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    How about a Hybrid Subaru AWD wagon

    Your wish will come true but we may have to wait for 1-2 years. The concept car B5 TPH is to be released in 2007 in Japan. You may find more info at : http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z10441/default.aspx

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