Paul, I was to hard on the exdriver, I thought he was another poster who gets on a hybrid forum and just bad mouths all hybrids. The kind who doesn't own one and doesn't want anyone else to. Maybe I was wrong about him.

I'm aware of what the Prius and Honda can do and I drive in the real world in real traffic like everyone else. I've learned something about the FEH that can save others alot of money on gas. Getting over 40mpg on a tank of gas in every day driving is not that hard. The key is EV and cruise control. Can anyone tell me why hauling around a full 300lb battery and not using it much is a good idea? Everyone must mixed their speeds, drive roads that are hard on FE, run the A/C at times and drive highway speeds. Their is no reason not to help your mpg average whenever you can by using EV.

Driving even 35mph in a 45mph limit with heavy traffic is crazy, let alone a freeway. There are roads all over the place in this Country that people can choose from if the want to save gas and not bother anyone.

The important thing in my post that I want to make clear is the FEH give all drivers a big choice of how to drive to get the mileage they want with having "THE EV Advantage".