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    OK people, VW now has a

    OK people, VW now has a Diesel Jetta wagon!!!!!!!!!!!!


    available with an automatic (actually DSG)
    and a regular 6-speed as well!!!!!!!!!

    NO hybrid offers stick-shift anymore

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    Kudos to VW on the Jetta

    Kudos to VW on the Jetta SportsWagen TDI!! Anyone that has been wanting a hybrid wagon would do well to seriously consider this diesel wagon. There is no wagon on the market today that gets 40+mpg other than this one. And it's 50-state legal too! It doesn't look like any hybrid wagon will appear anytime soon (that I've heard of). And as qqRockyBeans says, yay for the 6-speed manual!!

    Subaru may be bring their new boxer diesel to the US sometime in the next year or two however. That is also promising. So there might be a second wagon to get 40+mpg...

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    The Toyota Highlander and

    The Toyota Highlander and Lexus Hybrids are not really stationwagons. They both are essentially hybrid versions of a gas-guzzling vehicle, and they both get less gas mileage than my old 1985 volvo stationwagon did. I've seen reports that they both get around 23 mpg...which is pathetic for a hybrid. In my civic hybrid I get 41-62mpg, averaging about 47. My old volvo stationwagon got 22 city and 29 highway.

    There's no reason we can't have a hybrid vehicle that gets almost as good mileage as a prius or civic, but has a stationwagon structure with more space in back. It could get at least 35mpg, and should get more if properly designed.

    Anything less is a poor excuse for a gas-efficient vehicle...when a 20-year old car that is quite spacious and has a heavy frame is getting better mileage, something is really wrong.

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    I'm all for it. Honda's got

    I'm all for it. Honda's got an Accord Wagon they sell abroad and they have a powertrain. Slap em together and I'll buy em. Ditto for and Outback or a Camry, really.

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    Adding my 'please' to the

    Adding my 'please' to the ether... 1 car seat & 2 big dogs means we have the Prius unless the dogs are coming, in which case we drive the hulking SUV. A Forester/Outback - Prius combo would be heaven-sent! I would actually get in line to buy that!

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    No one seems to care about

    No one seems to care about Wagons. The 2010 Subaru Outback doesn't even look like a wagon anymore. I have a prius and a 1999 Outback, and would love to replace the Outback with something that's got AWD AND better mileage; the Subie has about the best in its class, but really, they could do better--there has been talk of a hybrid outback for 4 years and nothing has come of it. Unfortunately, I need awd/4wd in the winter, but I don't want a huge beast like th Highlander. The Saturn Vue is bettter than nothing, but come on, guys! Give us some more choices! I'll look into that Jetta wagon, but with 4motion it's probably really pricey.

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    The last really-good

    The last really-good full-size station wagon rolled off the line in Arlington Texas for the 1996 model year. The GM B-Body in luxo package was a Buick Roadmaster and in performance trim was a police-package Caprice. With the LT-1 350cubic inch V-8, they could get 26mpg on the highway and a steady 12mpg in town. V-rated tires get an engine speed limiter set at 149mph.

    In factory trim, they can haul 8 people, and pull 5000 pounds of trailer behind. My sedan can hold 7 bicycles on the outside racks.

    At 4350 pounds empty, huge hood & trunk crush space and dual airbags, these cars protect their occupants. The 9C1 performance package includes an integral roof reenforcement, not that the car rolls over very often or easily. Fuel is the very least valuable thing that goes in the car.

    If GM offered a hybrid package in a crate, like the 5.3L V-8 in Hybrid Yukon, I'd upgrade. Getting 20mpg in town would be nice, as would having the engine turn off at stop lights or when idling.

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    These posts are years old.

    These posts are years old. Still no hybrid wagons. Like the idea of the VW diesels, but I'm afraid of the company's bad rep for electrical problems. Wish I was a car manufacturer. I'd fill the void and be rich! Nobody wants SUVs anymore, but we still have dogs, kids, bikes, wheelchairs, etc. Seems like a no brainer, but alas.

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    I, too, have been waiting

    I, too, have been waiting for several years for a hybrid station wagon. My 1997 Ford Escort Wagon was 37 MPG Hwy, and 25 City when I got it. Still doing pretty good, but after 13 years of road trips, kayaks on top, kids and dogs, and lots of crumbs, it's getting tired.
    I'm actually surprised Subaru hasn't got a hybrid Outback out by now. So many Subaru's at Whole Foods. This large and growing tribe would just love a hybrid wagon. It just doesn't make sense a hybrid wagon isn't available yet. Yo, note to car makers, wake up!!

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    This thread started 3 years

    This thread started 3 years ago and we're STILL waiting. Hybrid SUVs and so-called crossovers don't count. Where's the hybrid Outback, or 3 series BMW wagon, or Audi Avant? Can't Lexus bring back the IS 300 Sportcross -- which they were afraid to call a wagon (okay, call it a 5-door hatch) -- as a hybrid? And Ford: Thanks for the Escape, but not everyone wants an SUV, even a "small" one.

    Prius wagon now due in 2011....

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