Thanks for the summary on the plug in effort. Why isn't the media paying more attention to this? The "solution," LITERALLY, is within our grasp.

All the pieces of the puzzle can come come together if only we will ACT. We need some progressive policy from Washington. I really think we need to pass a trigger oil import fee to "inform" the public and the automakers that they've got to GET MOVING with this transformation. An import fee that kicked in only when the world oil price falls below say $65.00 per barrel (It's $72.00 as I write this) would create a floor price for petroleum of...ta da...$65.00 per barrel in this country. By doing that, a little economic certainty would enable these alternative technologies to flourish. Our trade deficit would be cut in half if we stopped importing oil and we CAN DO IT.

What happens if the world price of oil crashes to say $20?? Our government collects a massive tarriff. Of course, once we stop importing oil, they won't collect anything and noone will care. We'll all be driving highly efficient electic hybrids that cost a fraction per mile for energy of what we're paying today.

We would also stop sending massive $$ to the very countries that are trying to destroy the west (ie IRAN). The best way to de-fang IRAN is to eliminate our oil imports. Then Iran can be safely embargoed. Right now, the world needs their oil too badly and we are all literally over their fanatical barrel.