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    This is Ekillyn ,The manager

    This is Ekillyn ,The manager of Guangzhou XHID Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.
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    Are there after market kits

    Are there after market kits for converting to a conventional headlight?

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    My headlights have always

    My headlights have always been very dim. I have replaced the bulbs and had the headlight covers cleaned and reconditioned but it is still very dark. I was thinking of switching to those blue lights or halogen. ??? I own a 2007 Toyota Camry LE.

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    Replacing the lamps fixed

    Replacing the lamps fixed the issue on my 2004 Prius. Even my dealer stated it was just the bulb. Found bulbs online for a fraction of the price the dealer asked for. Went ahead and changed out both bulbs at same time several months ago. No problems since.

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    05 prius driver bulb dim ,

    05 prius driver bulb dim , cost $ 375 to replace, not happening here I will do it my self. Could be the last ToYo I ever buy. Not supporting oweners and lieing about their troubles is why I dont buy Gm anymore.. so YoTOTa be back wards and continue to mislead us, and we will move on and never return.

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    I have a 2007 Prius with HID

    I have a 2007 Prius with HID headlights which I bought in August of 2007. My passenger bulb just started giving me problems, e.g. change in color, low output, going off & on, etc. Is there something I can do that would present a remedy?

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    2006 Prius with just under

    2006 Prius with just under 30,000 miles. Both headlights have been intermittent since last winter. I have purchased Ebay replacement bulbs but have been stalling on trying the replacement. I mostly commute by bicycle and have only driven the Prius three times in over a month.

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    And I thought I had a hard

    And I thought I had a hard life with my TVR, notorious for small problems... lol

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    I finally gave up. Purchased

    I finally gave up. Purchased aftermarket headlamps (THE HALOGEN STYLE) and the H4 bulbs. After having the left or the right, or most recently BOTH HID bulbs go out and having to do the on/off trick every 4 or 40 miles (very sporadic) I had enough.

    There is a 12 volt plug on the bottom of the HID HL assemblies that I was able to tap, wired to the female plugs that fit the back of the H4's and hooked up the low beams. Headlights go on and stay on, but since the plug is a two wire I only have low-beams... a fair trade off for NO beams!

    And if I really wanted to I could wire the fog light switch to power the high beam prong on the H4 bulb, maybe I'll do that tomorrow, but I don't use high beams and with the new clear lens I'm seeing farther and better than I have with HID's when they did work.

    Frankly I'm worried people may think I have my high beams on they're so improved!

    Total time 1 hour. Total cost around $200
    2 Halogen style HL assemblies
    2 H4 Halogen Bulbs
    4 Wire Taps
    4 Female Crimp Plugs
    4 Foot 16 gauge wire (cut into four strands 1 ft ea)
    2 Rubber Boots (DEALER item)

    Of course I'll recoup that expense when I sell the HID assemblies on eBay

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    I sell hid kit at a very

    I sell hid kit at a very competitive price. and good quality. I think this matter the most.
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