// HID Headlight replacement
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    HID Headlight replacement

    What is the expected lamp life for the HID bulb on the Prius. I was shocked to learn that each bulb costs more than $300. Toyota indicates they are NOT covered under any warranty, although my local dealer said they would replace a lamp if it fails in a three year time period.

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    HID Headlight replacement

    HID lights generally last WAY longer than regular halogen bulbs.

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    My Prius HID bulb lasted 1

    My Prius HID bulb lasted 1 year which is not long considering they cost $300.00. However they are covered under warranty up to 36,000 miles.

    I was also informed by a Toyota employee that a bulletin came out about possible HID headlight computer issues.

    Something to look into.

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    I don't know why they are

    I don't know why they are charging over $300 for a lamp that can be bought from an auto parts store for $110 and that would be for a brand like Sylvania. The dealer may install lamps that you supply. I guess the Toyota dealer just may not sell parts that are not Toyota parts but they can install parts you supply. Either the Toyota lamps are crap or their ballast circuit that drives the lamp is incorrectly designed. Using the Sylvania may solve the short life problem if the problem is with the lamp but not if the ballast is the culprit.

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    My Prius is 2008 with 36700

    My Prius is 2008 with 36700 - just out of warranty. I have only had it a little over a year, I put about 90 miles on it per work day. My passenger headlight keeps going out. It seems that several law firms are looking at class action. I am researching before I go to the dealer.

    Toyota HID Headlights Investigation
    Wasserman, Comden & Casselman L.L.P. is currently conducting an investigation involving the High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights on certain Prius models. Some consumers complain that the HID headlights on their Prius work intermittently, flicker, or suddenly cease to work entirely. Similar complaints have also been made regarding other Toyota vehicles, such as the Sienna.

    Upon taking the vehicle to the dealership for repairs, some consumers are told to replace the bulbs for a significant cost and/or to replace the computer controlling the headlights.

    If the HID headlights on your Prius or other model Toyota do not function properly, or if you would like more information about our Toyota HID Headlights investigation, please Contact Us.

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    stupid question: For those

    stupid question:

    For those of you who replaced the HID headlight at OTHER than Toyota (either yourself, or another mechanic)

    did replacing the lamp solve the problem? Are the new headlights running reliably?

    It occurs to me that HID lamps need a high voltage power supply, and that the "bad lamps" may actually be a bad power supply causing the lamp to fail.

    Maybe Toyota knows this, and is charging you for a new high voltage power supply as well as the lamp (without tellng you because lamps are not warrentied?).

    Just a thought.

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    I would have to believe that

    I would have to believe that it is not just the lamp. It just seems like a lot of them are going bad.

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    HID KIT garranty for 18month

    HID KIT garranty for 18month , with ISO9001 CE ROHS certificate


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    i have a 06 prius.. at

    i have a 06 prius.. at 34500, one side went went out. then around 50000 the other one went out olus the module,, i bitched a storm about it cause i have the extended warranty, but it covered the module, not the bulb, but they installed it anyway. i just got it inspected and now the pass, went out also,, what do to,,,,

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    Same problem. Passenger

    Same problem. Passenger side headlight flickers off and won't come back on until I turn off the headlights alltogether. I bought spec'd replacement headlights (pair) from Autozone for $60. I have spent a couple of hours trying to install myself to no avail. I have 45,000 on my Prius (2007). Dealer wants $270 to replace passenger side headlight.

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