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I can not believe some of the people on this forum. Are you telling me that if you had a normal halogen bulb then you would sue if it were to ever go out. The problem with the prius HID headlights is not the bulbs but instead it is the ballast resistors that power the bulbs. The ballast resistors are a part that will go out and become bad after a period of time, they are not something that is ever suppose to last the life a vehicle and the HID bulbs have never been said to last the lifetime of a car either. The reason for the ballast resistors to start going bad is because they are under tremendous heat and tend to overheat. At least when they do start to go bad and go out, you able to turn them off and turn them on and they go back on so you can limp back home with headlights. That doesnt happen if you have normal halogen headlights and they go out when you doent want them to. Anyhow the fix s actually a very simple thing, just order new ballast resistors either online or from your local dealer, I found some online for just about 125 compared to the 300 the dealer wanted. Then take your bumper cover off and take out your headlight housing then take out the resistor and put the new ones on. I was a autobody tech for 15 years so this was all very easy to me but for those of you that it isnt then I found a couple of videos on youtube that explain and show how to do all of this with great detail. When i fixed mine it took about 2 hours and it should only take 4 for someone that is new to car repair. All i ask is that people stop being so sue happy and maybe do some research and learn something.

I know this is a few years later but I am just experiencing this problem with both headlights on the 2010 Prius. Where can we buy this ballast resistor set up? At a junk yard or auto parts store? Thanks!