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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    Links Above got butchered up

    This one should work. Theres loads of info on the Yaris.


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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    I looked at all options when purchasing my car. At really anyone has to admit that the diesel takes it. Hybrids are unproven tech, that hasn't been around enough to know how long the battery will last and all. I have had a cell phone for two years and the battery is dying on me, it's a pain in the a**. But it doesn't cost 2K to replace (estimate). The Jetta TDI, which I bought, gets mixed 45 MPG every tank... On highway trips to Chicago from Atlanta it gets above 50 MPG. The car inside is immaculate, far better looking and built than filmsy hondas. Even if it isn't it sure looks 100x's sturdier than a civic any day of the week. Also, you must remeber that in the US anyway the diesel fuel is about to be changed, which is supposed to increase milage. And on top of that diesel engines last forever! And if your worried about the enviorment and all run biodiesel!!! It's cleaner than anything going.. (no NOX) Hybrid's are 'neat' but can't really compare to a 100 year old technology that does the same thing without being immensely complex. Think about it.

    One last thought. The new diesel cars out there don't have the same draw backs as the older ones. No cold weather problems, smoking, and loud engines.. You couldn't even tell the TDI was Diesel if you weren't told..

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    Sorry about double posting, but I have to mention that the list of stuff you won't get in the jetta is wrong. This is what you actually won't get and I think you will find that it's superficial.

    AT-PEZ CARB Emissions - (damn, can't go without!)
    CVT - (really not into anyway)
    EPA of 49/51 - (it doesn't get that really... you know that)
    Cheaper Regular Unleaded fuel - (diesel is cheaper sometimes!)
    Rear Spoiler - (you got me here!)
    Steering wheel Cruise, Radio & Nav control - (optional, but the distance from the steering whell to the radio isn't huge.)
    Speed sensitive volume control - (annoying anyway)
    Hybrid system (Battery, motor, controller etc) - (all the future problems.... hmmm)

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    So the next best thing:

    07 Toyota Yaris = 45
    07 Honda Fit = 45

    06 Toyota Prius = 55 MPG
    06 Honda Civic = 50 MPG

    where do you get 45MPG on Yaris and Fit? they are listed as 33/38mpg, which in real life would mean 35mpg, just as much as my '96 Protege gives me.

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    Agreed, I don't know where he got 45MPG. I saw the highway mpg on the Honda fit as 38MPG too.

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    Hello. I would like to show you a very interesting information. It is true that the hybrids are one of the best options, specially in Us that are more models and marks, but in Spain scarcely we have the Prius and the Civic. So the most normal thing is to continue buying diesel or petrol. But it happens that there are some non-hybrid models who have a very low, enclosed consumption those of petrol. In fact, I have a Seat Ibiza 1.2 64 hp, and obtain a yield of 45,28 milles per gallon (= 5,5 litros/100 kms.) or less, depending on the cloggings and traffic-lights. This means, that the hybrids have to improve very much and offer engines combined with diesel, hydrogen...
    A greeting.

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    I have 70 patents for a new engine read the folowing text:

    1. Cylinderís changing capacity valueís numbers among: 1100-3300 cm
    2. Compressionís changing report valueís numbers among 3-31;
    3. Fuel will have used: merely or into mixture (petrol, diesel oil, alcohol, water and so on);
    4. Exist the possibility to pick auto the best report with the lowest consumption into the timeís work of engine among 2.400.000.000. combinations between: cylinderís capacity and compressionís report;
    5. The box gear couple into engineís block has an infinity gearís ratios;
    6. Distributorís system is simple and pass away the sources of desertion in lose, when the driving belt and distributorís concatenation are brake off.
    7. The pies-electric firing is with catalyser.
    8. The engine has also the possibility to introduce again the fuelís gaze who includes the renders of fuels, into cylinders.
    9. The makeís expenses are smaller comparatively with another well known engine.
    10. Expenses of maintenance and operation of engine are very small.
    11. The engine sizes and weigh by 30-50% percentage lower like well known engine.
    12. Is not require the transformation of manufactured product line who assemble well known engines.
    Engine prototype into first stayed of fulfillment with thechnicís managementsí of performance, experimentally and preliminary.

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    Non-Hybrids that achieve near Hybrid MPG

    The Honda fit is scheduled for a hybrid model in 2007, at 60 MPG. The hybrids represent technological leaps forward that dont come around too often. Hondas and Toyotas have been out for years now with much better reliability scores than something like a VW Jetta TDI ( Diesel).

    While just interim steps, its basically a choice of conscience and patrotism at this point. Cleaner air, made from American Parts moreso than most vehicles, largely moving to American Assembly factories, with better emissions profiles by quite a bit and requiring less oil out of the ground, not only in the gas tank, but in the actual oil change volume itself.

    Regenerative breaking is a marvel, not a miantencnace issue; in fact, it lessens the wear on brake pads, drums, and rotors by a very large percentage.

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    The current Honda Fit is a bit of a disappointment for fuel economy. Such a small light car, with a 1.5L gas engine, only does 38 mpg on the highway? My Passat is rated at 38 mpg by the EPA and 42 mpg in Canada, and it EXCEEDS the Canadian rating on the highway simply by following our 100 km/h speed limit. What gives? The Passat weighs in at close to 3500 lbs!

    This just shows the advantages of diesels. Oh, and Mos, my Passat has had exactly ZERO problems since new (as has my wife's Jetta TDI). That's in 103,000 km of driving (64,000 miles). Our Jetta has 104,000 km. The ONLY problem our Passat has had, was a cell-phone blabbing/tailgating dimwit that plowed into it a rush hour at 40 mph and inflicted $5000 in damage. We just got it back a few weeks ago, fortunately they did a great job fixing it, but this is another story for another thread (on road safety...sorely needed).


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    Mike G:

    Excellent discussion
    I am a hybrid fan but realize there are other ways to go

    You forgot to mention 3 'pro deisel' items:

    1) Diesel is getting cleaner and cleaner Honda has a new clean engine coming soon
    2) Biodiesel is a real possibilty for deisel engines that can dramatically reduce our oil dependence
    3) The Driving experience of Vdub is much nicer than a Prius. I loved my old Passat wagon ( except in the snow)

    N0w 2 things 'pro hybrid'
    1) the PZEV emissions really make Pruis and HCH shine. Less smog less poor air quality.
    2) The possibilty of a PHEV Pruis would SIGNIFICANTLY reduce greenhouse emissions. Most of my trips are 5-10 miles , PHEV would be ALL electric. No gas burned no CO2 emissions. Add this to a wind solar hydro electricity source and you are commuting to work in a pretty green way ( many states allow one to choose a green electric power source). Obviously not ALL of us can use this green electricy. Despite this, even using conventional oil gas powered electricty gives less pollution when you factor in the costs of getting all the gas to you at the gas station.


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