My name is Michelle and I am a grad student at Florida State University. I am doing a group project for one of my classes on the Highlander Hybrid and was looking to see if current Highlander Hybrid owners could give us some feedback about the SUV. I have a few questions that I will list below, and also a link to a quick survey. Feel free to answer any and all of the following. I would really appreciate your help! Thanks so much...Michelle

Survey link:

1.How would your describe an individual that drives an SUV?

2.In your mind, what type of individual drives a hybrid?

3.Why did you buy a hybrid SUV?

4.What role did the Toyota brand name play in your buying decision of the Highlander Hybrid?

5.When you were in the process of purchasing your Highlander Hybrid, were you also looking at any other vehicles? If so, what were they?

6.Describe a typical day in your vehicle.

7.Tell me how the Highlander Hybrid reflects you, your lifestyle, your values, etc.

8.What are the positive attributes about your Highlander Hybrid? What do you like about the vehicle?

9.What qualities or attributes of your Highlander Hybrid would you improve and why?

10.Will you purchase another hybrid in the future? If so, when do you think your next hybrid purchase will be?