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    Hybrid Minivans

    Does anyone know why minivans seemed to be ignored. I currently only see one minivan in the near future (2007).

    Small efficient commuter cars are great of you and one other person are the only passengers, and to me most SUV are only a waste as they are only oversized station wagons (are we allowed to say wagon anymore???)

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    Hybrid Minivans

    I hear you and wrote both Honda and Toyota about it and said they are missing the boat. Their responce was "thanks, we will pass it along". Toyota has been selling a Hybrid Minivan in Japan for several years..but no vans in the US. CLearly they have done some study that says it would not be profitable... based on the responce I have seen everyone, including me would consider a hybrid if it was offered today

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    Hybrid Minivans

    Forgot to add..

    See the discussion titled "Hybrid Minivan US Availability", which is below

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    Hybrid Minivans

    I too am looking for a environmentally friendly mini-van. While I am a single person, I have 4 dogs (2 of which are large) and am involved in wildlife rescue necessitating a larger car. I think there is a definite market here for hybrids NOW.

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    Hybrid Minivans

    They should make a hybrid minivan out of the Chrysler minivans, adding the hybrid part to their flex-fuel engine 3.3 V6. However, THEY MUST USE DIFFERENT TRANSMISSIONS!!! The ones they have now are terrible. That is a notorious weak spot for newer chrysler minivans.

    A sunroof should be standard on this hybrid van, too.

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