// Hybrid Fuel Economy and Fuel Octane
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    Hybrid Fuel Economy and Fuel Octane

    Just a question for all you HCH and Prius owners: have you noticed a significant difference in fuel economy between octane grades of fuel?

    The reason I ask is because my gas-hog Ford Ranger pickup gets ~10% better mileage on high octane verses low octane fuel.

    And the price difference between the fuel grades is <10% now, so it seems to me its more cost effective to run high-octane and pay the slight increase in cost, in order to get substantially better mileage.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hybrid Fuel Economy and Fuel Octane

    I tested my '05 Prius over the summer with 87 and 93 octane fuel. I had been using 87 octane since I bought the car in January, I ran three tanks of 93 octane and then returned to 87 octane fuel.

    There was no difference between the different grades of fuel, which is similar to what others have posted on other sites.

    I posted slightly more detail on a different thread several weeks ago, but it has already been removed from the discussion groups--probably due to lack of interest......

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