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    It's obvious that you are a

    It's obvious that you are a supporter of higher oil and gas prices. The NORMAL population of people in the U.S would be happy with higher fuel mileage

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    There is a trade off between

    There is a trade off between gas mileage and emissions. Cars can get higher gas mileage (a few extra MPG), but then emissions would go up-this is the problem with cold engines and cold weather. There is no super-deluxe carburator that gets 400mpg. Gasoline even if 100% used to spin the tires has limited energy. There is finite energy in gasoline. Heavier objects require more energy to move. The best way to save money on gas is not to buy it. If mass transit can get you to work, take it. People who use it, save $6000 annually. Carpool if possible. Shop online. These things can save real money. A few extra MPG is nice, but won't amount to much saving. John McCain repealing the gas tax will result in worse roads, and hefty auto repairs-it sounds great, until you factor in the hidden costs and realize you've been taken.

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    If acetone dramatically

    If acetone dramatically increased fuel economy, do you think for a moment that any major oil company would say, in some way or form, "hey, we now sell gas that gives you a dramatic increase in mileage from a fill-up and we haven't raised the price one bit. So enjoy buying less gas from us and decreasing our profits. Our shareholders - which the President and Vice President and numerous other immensely wealthy families - will have to get by on less earnings per share."

    If acetone dramatically increased fuel economy, the major oil companies - or anyone they paid off - would report this as a myth, dangerous or an urban legend - or some combination thereof.

    Remember, the major US car manufactuers in the 70s and 80s, via top scientists and engineers, told the US public that it was technologically IMPOSSIBLE to build a car engine that got over 100k miles. They also told us that it was technologically IMPOSSIBLE to build an alternative fuel vehicle that could be mass produced. They also told us that it was technologically IMPOSSIBLE to get significantly more gas mileage out of the combustion engine.

    ALL of these IMPOSSIBILITIES have been ACCOMPLISHED by FOREIGN car manufacturers! The US car manufacturers are playing catch up - and selling off parts of their holdings to compensate for continued declining sales compared to foreign manufacturers, particularly Toyota.

    THINK people. THINK.

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    Why not put a dispenser on

    Why not put a dispenser on the fuel line just before entry in the fuel injection. Have the acetone metered for proper mix. That way, the acetone doesnt sit in the gas tank. This device could easily be built. Any comments?

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    I own a 2006 Hyundai sonata.

    I own a 2006 Hyundai sonata. The gas mileage is probably the only downside to this car. I heard about the acetone mixture and decided to make a few alterations that were described in the reccomendations. I went from standard oil to synthetic, changed the air filter, inflated the tires to 40 psi, and added 1 oz of acetone to for every 5 gallons of fuel. ( 15 gal tank ). I noticed a huge difference right away in increased mileage. Before the changes my car was averaging 23.1 miles per gallon at 65 miles per hour. After the changes the increase was awesome averaging 34.2 miles per gallon at 65 miles per hour. An increase of 11.1 mpg. I havent tested it at 60 or even 55 mph, but am looking at doing so. I will post results when complete.

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    Run don't walk to the

    Run don't walk to the nearest hardware store and pick up a bottle or better yet a gallon of 100% pure Acetone! I started using it in my 2004 Pontiac Vibe GT in 2005. As a sales rep for an automotive parts company I drove a lot!!! While surfing the www in 2005 I stumbled across an article written by a fuel tech specialist who worked for NASA. His reasons for adding acetone to his fuel made a lot of sense to me and I began using it at that time.
    Over the last 4 years I have had nothing but GREAT Results with this stuff!!!! My Vibe GT had 12,000 miles on it when I started using it, today it has 68,000 miles on it and I can honestly say I have had no problems with it. The car proforms better, has more pickup and would probably get even better mpg's of I would keep my foot out of it!
    Without acetone my Vive GT averages 26 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway, BUT with acetone I average 32mpg in the city and 36 on the highway! You need to understand I drive my GT hard, I love the power it has and love the 6 speed stick shift, so Run don't walk to that hardware store and start streching out that dollar bill. My mixture is 1.4oz's to 10 gallons of gas...

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    I just bought a 2005 Honda

    I just bought a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid, with about 27k miles.
    I am averaging about 33 mpg if I'm lucky, and sometimes as low as 15 mpg.
    I am not running AC, and it seems to run really nice/not rough at all.
    Sometimes the auto stop doesn't kick in.
    The battery recharges quickly, but sometimes gets down to 1 or 2 bars.
    When the car ignition is on but the car is not started, my driver window is very sluggish to roll up,
    and several times stopped dead.

    This is my dream car, what can I expect?? It is still under warranty yet, until October.
    One time I put Plus in it and it seemed to increase my mpg just a tad.
    I consistently use regular gasoline in it.

    Also, I get shocked a lot getting in and out of the car. There is a severed wire under the dash
    (security? speakers??)
    I really need to get this in to the dealer.
    It was a leased car, and I paid just a few hundred over wholesale price from a dealer.

    Now I'm wondering why.. I should be getting much, much better mileage!!

    Any thoughts as to why I'm getting such poor mpg??
    It does rain 8 months out of the year in Oregon, and maybe the moisture
    is affecting the battery??


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    Hi guys, where do you buy

    Hi guys, where do you buy your acetone?
    are you using nail polish remover?
    I drive a 2002 civic, 1.7L engine, and I'm doing 36MPG.

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    The reason they don't added

    The reason they don't added at the refinery is because it would increase the cost of production and with the better milage reduce demand. Therefore, the oil companies have no interest in reducing their profits and increasing their cost to produce the product. They have been adding acetone to gasoline in Europe for a long time now because in Europe they don't have public unawerness like you have in the U.S. If the C.E.O.'s of the U.S. went to Germany and tried running a corporation like they do here, they would be thrown in jail. I have friends who are from Germany and that is why I know this not from reading some magazine article. Acetone added in 2-3 ounces per 10 gallons can not harm your engines intake, hoses, injectors, etc... On the contrary, it will keep them cleaner longer. Have you ever wondered why a high milage car has gunk build up? That is because the gasoline that is being used is not sufficiently mixed with a detergant. You pay less at low cost gas stations but that is because they don't use addatives in their fule and pass the savings on to you. When you need to have your injectors or intake taken apart to be cleaned you will then pay BIG BUCKS for repairs. When I was younger and my brother-in-law who is a mechanic gave me advise on hor to clean the valves on my pick up I listened to him. He said to let the valves, rocker arm, etc... sit over night in a solution of gasoline and then the next morning use a brush to clean the corners and edges. WOW! that gasoline ate away at everything and left them new. When I put the truck back together it ran like it was new and had noticably more power. So, imagine if gasoline going through your lines is that powerful than the parts installed from factory must be able to withstand 2-3 oz. of acetone per 10 gallons. Sure, their is some guy out there who thinks more is better and he will probably butn out his engine. I would suggest trying it on an older vehicle first to get comfortable with the idea or a ar that is not under waranty so if somethin happens you will not be to upset about an old $500 car that you bought to test acetone on and be able to get almost that much from a junkyard when you are done with it.

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    That is too short of a

    That is too short of a period to get conclusive results. Use it for 2-3 tank fulls and write down the average milage you got per tankfull and then you will see the increase. If you vary your driving habits, road, a/c on or off, you will not be able to accuratley gauge your results. It has to be almost the same that is why you will never get the exact same milage out of each tankfull.

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