// Noises with Highlander Hybrid
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    Noises with Highlander Hybrid

    There are many new noises with the Highlander Hybrid vs my previous traditional cars (coolant pumping to inverter, pressure relieve in gas tank etc) Many were described in the manual or mentioned on this site. The one I haven't found mentioned is a spark-like
    sound..."tssk..tssk...tssk...tsssk" I here every once in a while coming from the back section of the vehicle. It really sounds like an electrical spark. Any information...has anyonme heard a similar sound ?

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    Noises with Highlander Hybrid

    I have had my Highlander for about 6 weeks and love all of the amenities but one thing drives me crazy and it is the high pitched noise that comes when you brake. I know it is the battery regenerating but it really gets on my nerves. Is there anything that can be done or a way to drive that can minimize this sound? Anyone else have any gripes about this?

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