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    New hybrids and more...

    I am a hybrid freak. Although I don't drive one, I do drive a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 that gets 32 mpg highway/ 27mpg city. As a hybrid freak, I search the web looking for hybrid announcements.

    From our own HybridCars.com and other car websites:
    -- Volkswagen will start making hybrids by 2008. The European automaker is working with a Chinese automaker to introduce 500 VW Touran cars as people-carriers in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    -- On a Detroit newspaper site, Frankfurt coverage included the Audi Q7, which the newspaper reported could be released with an optional hybrid powertrain. I have not found any supporting information on other sites, so this may just be a rumor.
    -- Hyundai has lent the Korean government several Hyundai Verna hybrid cars for real-world testing.
    -- Suzuki may release a hybrid Grand Vitara by 2010. Suzuki has had a hybrid out for some time, the Suzuki Twin. However, being a minicar with a hybrid premium on top of the car's going price was thought to be too expensive in the eyes of the Japanese citizenry, and the car flopped.

    With more ways of saving gas (such as cylinder deactivation, belt-alternator hybrids, amongst others), it could be possible to get even more mileage out of hybrids. For example, consider a Honda Odyssey hybrid minivan with cylinder deactivation. When the engine is in use, especially during cruising, the cylinder deactivation could help get those highway mileage figures higher than they are, and when the vehicle is in city traffic, the electric motors come online and do what they do in standard hybrids.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Honda does make an Odyssey hybrid, but I would be surprised if the hybrid Odyssey also had cylinder deactivation.

    Anyway, just thought you would like to know about the new hybrids rumored to get the "green" light!

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    New hybrids and more...

    Oh, yeah. more news:

    Ford has a test fleet of Transit vans that run on diesel and electric motors.

    Link to the story:

    Also, watch Ford of Europe to consider mating an electric motor to its Land Rover diesel engine. I've not heard anything about this being true, but if the plan was given the go-ahead, Land Rover could be the first diesel-electric hybrid in the world. And with clean diesel heading to the United States, this technology may help get rid of diesels' sooty image.

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    New hybrids and more...

    Confirmed that the Audi Q7 hybrid is indeed out there. It's a concept shown at Frankfurt obviously, but Audi may put it into production a year or so after the standard version hits US showrooms.

    Photos of the Q7 hybrid (you have to register to view larger pictures; registration is free)

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