// Hybrids and water
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    Hybrids and water

    I'm considering buying a FEH, but I'm concerned about water. Specifically I have two creeks to cross to get to my vacation cabin. In the jeep that I currently own I've driven through water that splashed up over the hood. I doubt that I'd ever try that with a FEH, but can it take any amount of "splash"?

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    Hybrids and water

    Regarding water crossings. If it's so deep you need a snorkel, of course it won't work... neither would a normal 4x4, but I've taken mine through water over a foot deep and it's fine. I've also been through large puddles at speed where the whole vehicle is sprayed, no problem. The hybrids really are more "normal" in operation than many people think... especially when people worry about water (thunderstorms and even carwashes have been mentioned).

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    Hybrids and water

    I think the key is "where are the batteries". What you DON'T want to do is immerse the batteries.

    In the Highlander, they're under the back seat so any water coming into the passenger compartment is bad.

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