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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    wow Jack. Fascinating post. Your knowledge and expereience is impressive and interesting. My simpleton thought was " Gee- wider wheelbase and less height? The HCH II must be more stable."

    Your drive test extends that truth to a more formal reach and understanding.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I am now in the envious position of owning both a 2006 HCH and a 2006 Prius. Both are registered concurrently and their use is rotated.

    The HCH has 20,000 miles with a lifetime MPG of 50. This is based upon painstakingly capping the tank and dividing it by the miles driven.

    The Prius has about 6000 miles and the mpg computer has been showing approx. 55 mpg. My concern is that due to the design of the Prius gas tank and bladder it is difficult to cap the tank without spilling gas or risking damage to the emissions canister.Therefore I have to rely on the accuracy of the mpg computer.

    I'm interested in hearing from other Prius owners as to their opinion of the accuracy of the mpg computer.

    I love both cars and it is a toss up as to which is my favorite. As the Prius tends to get better FE
    under city driving conditions and the HCH under highway conditions I try to base my decision as to which vehicle to use on this criteria.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I owned Prius 2005, hated the handling on the freeway, especially the curves. Sold it to buy a bmw 330i (that handled the curves just fine :-)). Recently bought civic hybrid 2006, it's not bmw, but definitely handles freeway driving much better than Prius. If it's mostly city driving, then Prius would be ok for me.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I bought a Prius in Dec. '99. It has mostly highway miles as I have a long commute, 77 miles one-way, between home and work. This Prius has 212,000 miles. I get about 46mpg with all those highway miles. The Prius has only had one major repair consisting of some sensors, main computer and catalytic converters.

    Whenever I do buy another car, it will be Prius.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I will like to post a correction on my statement on the Miles per Tank on the Prius. It should read 714 per Tank full of gas and not Gallons. I apologize for the mix up.
    To Larry: I have a PH.D. and I can work with whom ever I want. I just like selling Toyotas. By the way, we have a Honda dealer across from our store. I have been offered management positions there, but because they are a Honda dealer I will not take the position. The main reason, is that Honda is so far behind Toyota it is not even funny.
    Larry: Face it, Toyota is a lot better than Honda.
    Face the facts, We are crushing every market. Oh by the way, we have no Prius in stock nor Camry hybrid. I think the store across the road from us has both, the Accord hyb. and the Civic hyb in stock.
    What does that tell you Larry???
    Just face it. Toyota is better.
    No more to it, Larry.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    By the way everyone,
    How come Motor Trend is the only company that choses Hondas as the "car of the year" while other magazines or organizations pick other cars.
    The reason is simple, MOTOR TREND IS PAID BY HONDA TO PICK THEM. I called them. Ask anyone in the business about this. It is like PAYOLA. Oh wait a minute, It is PAYOLA!!!!!!!
    Toyota is still better than Honda LARRY and we do not have to pay anyone to out sell you in any market or category. People just know.
    Thank you every one!
    You are all very kind.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    You might want to be careful with the Motor Trend "being paid to pick Honda" comment. Aren't they the ones that picked the Prius in 2004? I personally bought a new Prius in 2004 and still have it and love it. I have recently replaced my mini-van with a 2006 HCH and also love that car. Each car has it's quirks and benefits. I am 6 feet tall. The Prius is easier to get in and out. The HCH handles a little bit better. Either way folks, they are hybrids and should be purchased. I have 58,500 on the Prius with no problems, just over 2,000 on the HCH no problems. Similar mileage and I am a very careful driver, primarily 51 in both cars. Great CARS!!! (By the way 714 mpg, no way! Not without running the tank to nothing and taking a major chance on running out. Also, not running with any kind of comfort from A/C)

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    hey rubin dot get upset with honda company there not behind toyota in tech wise thats for sure.honda has more
    and reliable in their product whther car or bike.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    My wife and I are station wagon people, so the Prius hatchback is, currently, as close as we'll get, barring a Highlander, Escape or Lexus hybrid (God, the price!!). We also own a Volvo XC70 and a Ford Escort wagon. I've had the 2006 Prius for about 2 1/2 weeks now and do enjoy it. Some have commented on the handling ability, but I find it very stable, even at California freeway speeds.

    I have the package #8, so the car has the backup camera. That James Bond fish-eye screen is really handy. I enjoy both the keyless entry and starting, and the Bluetooth system, but I have yet to really master the NAV system.

    My mileage, so far, stays in the low 40s, with a top of 48 mpg. This is mostly freeway driving. Of course it's not broken in yet, with less that a thousand miles. I have a few small gripes, such as the glare in the side mirror from the grey plastic trim around the A/C vent, the dim speedometer cluster while wearing Polaroid sun glasses, and the constant fingerprints on the display LCD. Other than that, it's a great car, very spacious and comfortable. The seats, in leather, are nearly equal to those in the Volvo, which are superb.

    We purchased the Prius through Costco, at $100 under MSRP. Most LA/OC dealers in California are adding on $2-4K, with chrome wheels (hah!) and window tint (the factory tint is just fine). A Prius is definately now a Low Rider Car! It took nine weeks for the car to arrive, but I got the color and package I wanted. No hassle. I even financed the car through Costco and CapitalOne, who send me a black check. The rate was well under what I could find locally.

    I thought about the HCH, but (1) it's a sedan, and (2) I couldn't find one to drive anywhere. Fortunately my brother-in-law owns a 2005 Prius, so I was able to test drive his car. The $3150 tax credit brings the $29,186 I paid to a more reasonable level. Plus my HOV stckers arrived today...... What more you you want?

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Sorry! I meant "NOT a Low Rider car", and a BLANK, not black, check! I am a retired teacher, so spelling and grammer errors really bother me!

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