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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I had mentioned earlier that there was a $3k price difference. I was referring to a fully load civic vs. a fully loaded prius (both with navigation). The extras that come with the $3k in my opinion aren't worth the added cost.

    I also did not like the blind spot on the Prius.

    I have also heard that the Prius uses special tires that only the dealership can get. So if you get a blowout or any tire damage, you can expect to pay a premium to replace it.

    As far as the civic goes, the airbags are standard, it now has turn signals on the mirrors, cool dash board, a real shifting CVT transmission, its quicker and it blends in with other civics.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Referring to the $3k price difference, just because you don't believe an option is worth the cost doesn't mean that you can then just write it off. Compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. I mean, why not just compared a loaded Prius to a HCH without Nav to see a $5k price difference? To some, the extra options are worth the cost.

    The Prius uses Goodyear Integrity tires. I haven't had to replace any, but it is a tire that can be gotten at other places besides a dealer. No premium is necessary.

    I actually like the back window of the Prius. The bar across the bottom blocks out many of the headlights from taller vehicles and having the bottom portion allows me to see small things (hydrants, tricycles, small kids, etc) that might be behind me.

    I like the unique styling of the Prius and like the fact that it doesn't look like any other car. The 2006 Civics have improved their looks, but no way would I have wanted an 04 or 05 Civic. Some people like a car that is different (for instance: I want to paint my car Oklahoma State University orange with some Pistol Petes and get a license plate saying Poke Pri). I just have to convince my wife!

    To each his own though. The Prius isn't for eveyone, as the HCH isn't for everyone. The important thing is people can choose between their own personal needs and preferences.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Now that we have a baby, we will need to sell my my 2000 Honda Insight for either a Prius or HCH. I can't decide which but I know it will hurt to see the significantly lower mpg. Any suggestions from the family of hybrid owners? Consider the ease of removing strollers, packing baby stuff and room in the back seat for a baby car seat strapped in the middle.......Thanks...BTW, any idea on the asking price for my Insight? It's in good condition w/ minor scrapes and scratches.....

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I have a Prius Pkg 6 in silver and I believe you will have more ease packing and unpacking in the prius from earlier post. 1-888-661-1171 you can call or email me [email protected]. I am in Jackson Tennessee. It list for $27,066.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Does anyone have any information on the cost of repairs on either the Prius or the Honda Civic Hybrid?

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I'm told by a Toyota employee that battery repair requires a special Toyota facility and to confirm one is available in the city I live in prior to purchasing a Prius. He mentioned something about high temperatures being required for the intial set up of the battery. Only technicians with special training are allowed to make repairs to the electrical portion of the vehicle.

    Has anyone else heard this and if so do you have any additional details?

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Steve, Toyota can't make Priuses as fast as people want to buy them, so they're passing out all kinds of bogus information trying to discourage sales.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Congratulations Gail on your new baby and for not thinking that being a parent means needing an SUV!

    No advice on which is better, though I love my HCH, and I think a stroller would fit in the trunk.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I am considering an hch and a hybrid highlander. On the Honda only the battery has an extended warranty. With Toyota, they extend the warranty on the whole hybrid system. Any comments?

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    10 Reasons why Prius is far better than the Honda.
    Consider this:
    1) The Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH) cannot power the power steering with the battery alone.
    2) The HCH cannot operate the A/C system with battery alone.
    3) The Prius has 295 ft-lbs. @ 0 rpm vs. the 76 ft-lbs. @ 0 rpm on the HCH
    4) Prius is a Dual Overhead Cam engine with 16 valves vs. Honda's Single Overhead Cam engine and 8 valves ( the more valves the more economy and the better your engine will breathe)
    5) The Horse power in the Electric motor on the Prius is 67 Hp. On the Honda it is a mere 20Hp.
    6) The prius has a lot more cargo capacity. 16.1 cu./ft. vs the HCH 10.4 cu./ft.
    7) Prius is the best selling Hybrid, ever! (Guiness world of records).
    8) Prius was Car of the year in 2004. HCH has never been car of the year.
    9) You can get 714 miles to the gallon on the city with a Prius. With a HCH you can only get 615. (99 miles of difference)
    10) Toyota stock as of 01/31/06 is $103.49. Honda is a mere $28.52
    So, if you are trying to get a TRUE hybrid, consider Prius. Don't let me talk you out of buying a HCH, but when you resale the HCH you will suffer.
    Oh, by the way, the HCH is not a true Hybrid like the Prius!!!!
    Visit my page at www.ortiztoyota.homestead.com
    Thank you!

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