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    An article The New York Times, Wednesday, October 20, 2004 talked about flex-fuel, a fuel mix of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, known as E85. Do you know of a Hybrid car manufacture experimenting with this technology?

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    i'm sure there's some discussion at the manufacturers, but not being released.

    a friend of mine recomended converting my honda civic from gasoline to natural gas. i will not be bothering, but CNG is a common technology & makes for an interesting addition to a hybrid car.

    my friend was saying CNG engines apparently do not wear out? i don't know...

    see ya


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    Sure makes sense, I know I'd love to buy one. There's actually a station that has E85 not far from my house (the only one in CA).
    From everything I've read, it should work fine. I know diesels can't go hybrid, but Ethanol should work fine.

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    Be careful. You might void your warranty. Not all fuel injection systems have been tested on such a high percentage of ethanol. Check your owner's manual.

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    Interesting info on E85 in a prius can be found on page 10 http://www.creedproject.org/stream_v7n2.pdf

    Note 20% power increase

    There is a difference between bi fuel and Flex fuel

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