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    disappointed w. mileage

    The Smartcar site says the 2008 models will only avg. 30-40 mpg. That's pretty paltry & I wonder why the discrepancy bet. the European mileage & U.S.

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    It's the tough US emissions requirements as well as the way the EPA mileage is set up. The US emissions require retuning of the cheap motor on the Smart which reduces its efficiency. Remember, the design philosophy, similiar to most European economy cars is something like "we don't have to be smarter if we just make things smaller". If you only sell half a car, it only uses half the gas.
    Hybrids allow good gas economy with a complete car.
    The Smart Car is easy to park though.

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    It's also disappointing that they're only bring the gasoline version. I've read the diesel smart gets much better fuel economy than the gasoline version...

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    The pure electric version gets even better fuel economy! Unfortunately, there aren't very many. Only 1 in the US that I know of. It is pretty cool though, I was lucky enough to take it for a test drive.

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    What the hell is wrong with

    What the hell is wrong with the US Government?! We should have a green-oriented industrial policy that rewards developement and sales of high mpg cars and punshes low mpg car sales and developement through tax policy and regulation. The free enterprise philosopy of this country(Just wait for the market to give it to us.) is destroying the country.

    John Coelho

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    Hey hey the president will

    Hey hey the president will take care of it plz turn to all news channels on may 29 thank you,


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    Just imagine picking up your

    Just imagine picking up your date with that little POS rolling trash can, lol.

    $15.000 dollars? Are you kidding me? You could buy a honda hybird for 23k!

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    The SMARTcar is not so

    The SMARTcar is not so smart. $12,000 (bare bones) for half a car that gets 33MPG city and 41 MPG highway is ridiculous. My old Geo Storm did way better than that and adjusted for inflation was way less. This thing won't sell because of its price. Americans are not stupid when it comes to getting bang for the buck. Sure uppity ups and the eco status conscious will waste the money on it but the average American will not. If it was priced around $7000 for base model I would consider it seriously...for now I will stick to my 125cc scooter that gets 80 MPG and cost $3000 and is much more fun to ride (unless it rains ).

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