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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Keep in mind Gary that if you get near the EPA for the Corolla, you will most likely get near the EPA estimates for the Prius. So you will get close to 50 mpg on the highway (I get 50 mpg on the interstate) and get in the neighborhood of 55-60 in City (I get 60 in the summer). So depending on the amount of driving that you will do in city, the 20-25 mpg difference would make up the $5k much quicker.

    However, I would doubt it would truly be worth it to switch from a Corolla to a Prius on gas savings alone. I don't think anyone has potrayed the Prius as the ultimate money saving car. If a person really wants a cheap commuter auto, get a slightly used Echo. The 10-15 mpg increase in mileage with a Prius would take forever to make up the 15K in price.

    However, if you needed to step up in size (I can't fit in the Corolla) or want some of amenities not offered on the Corolla, like the nav system, Bluetooth, HID headlights, etc, than moving up may make more sense.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I have an AWD 2006 Escape Hybrid. I've been driving it for about 2 months. I have the fuel efficiency monitor in the dash, so that has helped me learn to drive more efficiently faster. So far I'm averaging 27 hwy and 32 city. I've run the air conditioner pretty much non stop. I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    HH '06. 26mpg on third tank of gas (app 1300 mi). Expect more as mcar breaks in. Very pleased!

    Chapel Hill NC

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Gary - Also keep in mind, that it's not right to compare the Prius to a Corolla. The Prius is larger and it's a hatchback. Can you fit as much into the corolla?

    This is what makes it most difficult to do an accurate comparison between the various vehicles and MPG. You really need to compare the other factors - Prius also has navigation, bluetooth, 6 disc changer..etc..

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Check out the following:


    Very good "real-life" mileage input from Hybrid owners. You can drill down on each different Hybrid vehicle, looking at each persons reports, which also have additional comments that help define the conditions (highway, city, at the speed limit, over the speed limit, etc) the mileage was achieved. To me this is the true test of a vehicles mileage, which you will notice is very "drive style" (lots of coasting, no use of air conditioning, extra high pressure in the tires, etc) depended.

    Hope it helps...

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I would like to know what octane of gasoline the Prius and HCH owners are using in their cars.

    Does octane grade effect a measurable difference in mileage?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Prius 2005

    Old city of Amsterdam

    Driving to work and back
    total of 18 miles
    9 miles downtown
    9 miles countryroad

    first 6 weeks and going
    with the flow and 12 trafficlights:

    51 silent miles per gallon
    EV (unforced) for over 2 miles
    per day.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    My average in city commute of approx. 30 minutes in stop and go (some highway) driving is around 42 - 44 MPG. My HCH is a 2004.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Truely the bottom line is how fast you drive and where. I drive an 03 Civic HX (high effeciency gas engine) which gets 45 mpg doing 65mph on my mostly hyw driving. A hybrid would not be smart for me at all. But in the city it would. Sucks that they stopped making the HX in 06.

    DIESEL: Sure you get a more solid engine with better fuel miles, BUT (and that is a BIG but) diesel fuel is much more polluting no matter how you burn it and it is a proven carcinogen while gasoline is not. Also, overall diesel prices are more than gas on an annual average.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Depends (remarkably) on temperature for us (me and my husb).

    2005 Prius warm: 54 or so
    2005 Prius cold: 45 or so

    2006 RX400h warm: 26 or so
    2006 RX400h cold: 24 or so

    The RX is very, very new, however--the warmer temps were when it was brand-spanking new--should be better this summer. We bought the Prius last January, and its MPG improved DRAMATICALLY when it was older (higher odo) and when it got warmer. I expect a big difference this coming summer as the Lexus has some miles under its "belt" and when temps warm up.

    Seems hybrids hate the cold even more than most cars. :-)

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