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    Long distance Range

    I don't know how people could possibly drive 900+ miles in a Prius. If that's true, I'm envious. But I consistantly get about 850 kilometers per tank in my 2004. The best distance I've been able to drive was from Jasper, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia up and down mountain passes in the winter on one tank of gas. The trip was just shy of about 900kms.

    As for speed, I typically drive at about +/- 5km/hr of the posted speed limit. I've pushed it out on the highway to see how fast it would go, and had no trouble get up to about 155km/hr which is a little over 90mph. It didn't even take much effort to get up to that speed.

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    Long distance Range

    I've had mine up to 100mph, although I typically drive within 10mph of the speed limit (on highways). I'm often slightly over on back roads as I like to gain speed going down hills

    As far as how far they go - Why does anyone care about this? They'll go as far as any other normal vehicle would go on a single tank of gas. Often further. I see far too many posts about people running out of gas in hybrids. I fill it up the same way I filled up my Jeep. When the gas tank is around 1/4 full, I fill it. Why wait?

    The most miles I've put on at any single time were about 400 and I average 50mpg.

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    Long distance Range

    how does someone get 900 miles from a tank of gas in a Prius?! That doesn't seem at all possible. That almost 1500km. I have a 2004, and the best I've EVER done is 940kms, which is slightly less than 600 mi. Who gets 900miles on a tank? Are these particular cars modified? It seems impossible to me that you can go much more than 600 miles in a Prius...

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