The problem we are experiencing with the hybrid braking system is more common than Toyota is admitting - and the dealers are aware of it. I rear ended a car as I was slowing to a stop when the brakes suddenly reduced their stopping friction ("let go") and before I could react on the rain-soaked road I hit the cars bumper at about 10 mph. I thought I had slipped off of the brake. Wrong. What I discovered is that the braking system is sensitive to bumps while stopping. If you hit a slight bump apparently the hybrid transferance of energy ceases and you're on your regular power brakes. The service supervisor at Toyota is the one who tipped me off to the "bump" problem. Later, going over the same stretch of road, I braked and the bump caused exactly the same "release" of friction. It's like hitting a patch of ice! Toyota needs to warn current owners and fix the problem.