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    I have a 2006 400h i have

    I have a 2006 400h i have had nothing but trouble with it. they have changed the breaks twice .the break actuator two times. and i still have a clunk nose.i have had to go to court on the lemon law.i have had it in 6 times to be repaired.they were very nice .but when you pay good money for a car i feel that you should not have to keep taking it back for repairs just so you can drive it.

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    Today, I had to stop quickly

    Today, I had to stop quickly to avoid hitting a car that was coming out from a side street. My car stopped on a dime, but every light came on and I could not get the car to move. Long story short, I had it towed to the dealer I use for maintenance, and they said it was the brake accuator. This is a very expensive part! FtinessX3 reported a similar problem about a year ago (see above). Has anyone had the same problem recently? Have you filed a claim? What did your Toyota dealership do?

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    I just had my 2006

    I just had my 2006 Highlander Hybrid Limited in for service yesterday, and one of the items I asked them to check out was a squeek that occurred at the end of a quick stop and occasionally when braking during a turn. They said it was the ABS accuator, but it was not a problem and not a safety issue. They said as long as the noise didn't bother me, I did not need to get it fixed. So I decided not to spend $1,800+ for a repair that was "not necessary."

    Today, I was thinking about the answer I was given about tyhe ABS accuator, and it seemd odd tghat a part that was so expensive was "not necessary." I decided to google the topic, I found the comments from other people who have had ABS accuator problems - and it certainly sounds like a safety issue! I am going to call the dealer service manager back today!

    I am also going to report it on the NTSB website as explained in the post from FitnessX3. Thank you!

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    Guyz, pls i have a toyota

    Guyz, pls i have a toyota highlander hybrid 2008 model, i was driving the car last week and the brake and abs indicator turned on, pleaseeee i am so confused as to what would have caused this and the solution to it. Some1 please help.

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    the abs actuator is bad. just change it

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