I got my stickers from the DMV and they are ugly and yellow!

What was shown that I would recieve on the DMV site was white. I expected it to look like what was shown on the application web page here: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/vr/decal.htm

What showed up in the mail is yellow. You have to put 4 of them on your car. One on each fender on the right side. One behind each rear wheel. The ones that go on the fender are about 2 inches by 3 inches. The ones that go behind the rear whiles are four inches high by about 6 inches long. THEY ARE SO UGLY!

I have a white honda civic hybrid that is kept very clean and now I have these taxi cab looking sticker that I have to put on if I want car pool access.

I want to punch whomever designed these decals and approved them in the face!

Don't get my wrong, I like the carpool access, but YELLOW? I feel really bad for anybody with a dark colored hybrid that has to put that yellow sticker on their car.