My 1991 Chevy Sprint is alive and still getting > 60 mpg (Canadian). I'd buy a hybrid if it could put out as little pollution - but the fact is that they're untried, unproven and there is nothing signif. better than my Sprint that'll carry my family.

It's sad!

It's about time that they took the Swift/Sprint design and revamped it - droped in a 5 to 10 hp biodiesel/LPG eternal combustion engine and a 30 to 40 hp electric and a SMALL battery pack. That would signif. reduce the weight, battery cost, pollution and fuel consumption.

I don't give a damm about acceleration. I remember VW Beetle and their 35 hp engines. My Sprint had excellent accelleration at 52hp as did Jetta diesels with 48hp. Give me something cleaner and better than what I was driving 10 to 15 years ago!

As long as they make high powered, pocket rockets that pollute I'll never touch a hybrid. You get high cost, unproven battery technology and likely expensive costs when the batteries go - esp. in winters like we have up here.