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    Lexus 400h - very impressed

    We just bought the Lexus 400h and I am very impressed with the vehicle. We also own a BMW X5 and the Lexus drives much better than the X5. It is a very smooth ride and has incredible pick up.

    Right now I am getting 22.8 mpg in the city. I have yet to drive many highway miles, but while on the highway it seems to do well with the mpg.

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    Lexus 400h - very impressed

    I went to the Lexus web site and "built" a car. It appears that the moonroof is standard on this vehicle. On the Toyota Highlander, the moonroof comes automatically with the premium package. I'm tall -- I specifically have a long torso -- and I cannot sit up straight in a vehicle with a moonroof. I haven't actually sat in a Lexus but I did try the Highlander and the Escape (as well as dozens of cars and SUVs). The Escape works for me! I have a 1997 Ford Explorer and my headroom is good in that but not in the 2006 Ford Explorer (neither with sunroofs or moonroofs).

    I want to like the Highlander and the 400h but I don't fit! Why do manufacturers insist on making moonroofs a standard feature?

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    Because moonroofs appeal to

    Because moonroofs appeal to the average driver - market demand. I don't mean to make this sound insulting in any way, but it sounds like you're not an "average" driver in terms of size.

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    I have owned a Lexus RX 300

    I have owned a Lexus RX 300 for 4 years. Great car, wanted to step up. Got an LX430 loaded; great car. However, it just was not me. I am a Realtor and I need space to transport "stuff" especially for staging properties. I scratched up my lexus LS 430 on the interior but it still looked great. That, with the decreased gas mileage, prompted me to get the RX400H. I love it. The first tank of gas got me 35 miles per gallon!!!. Can't believe it , will keep you informed.

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    Well I htink it depends on

    Well I htink it depends on how tall you are. I am a tall guy myself (6'2 here) and have very tall friends (coincidentally). We are avid car show attendees and have had the experience of sitting in several LS sedans over the years. The cars have practically swallowed us. I was very easy for all of us the fit into the cars without having to adjust the seats. When you get a chance, by all means, have a seat! I think you'll find it supprisingly comfortable.

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    I am considering buying an

    I am considering buying an RX400H. Please give an updated comment on your RX400H experience and satisfaction level. Thanks,

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