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    It's halfway through this

    It's halfway through this list. there is a link thats a pdf.

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    I too have the Accord noise

    I too have the Accord noise cancellation issue where the sound drums the hell out of you. Would appreciate the bulletin. thank you

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    i just have a questaion, i

    i just have a questaion,

    i have a 2005 honda accord hybrid, and i love the way it runs, but there is only one thing, whenever i step on that car, i get the check engine light flashing and after doing it for a while, the light sticks and it wont go...

    i have to take it to a honda care center, they reset the computer system in it...

    can you advise me if there is anything i can do regarding this case??

    i would really appreciate your advice.

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    honda hybrid is the greatest

    honda hybrid is the greatest i have ever saw....maybe urs is faulty from factory.

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    I was told that the noise is

    I was told that the noise is my broken engine mounts, three of them and want to charge me over $1000 to have them replaced. I never was in an accident, so why did they break. I notifying Honda directly.

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    Hello, I bought my 03 civic


    I bought my 03 civic hybrid in 04. Haven't had to many problems with it until this last March. The IMA light came on so the battery was changed out. I live in Washington State. We drove the car to Texas and back after we had the battery changed. The only thing that happened on the trip was the IMA light came on. We twisted the gas cap and it went off, but also noticed the bars for the big battery was low. We made it home and it seemed to run fine until this last Thursday, May 20, 2010. I went to get in my car to go home and it was acting strange. When I put into drive and started to drive it was hard to stear. So I drove it around the parking lot. It was like the power steering wasn't working. I wanted to get it home and the power steering had kicked in so I went to drive it home. Didn't make it. I maybe got about five miles away and it stalled. I couldn't even get it into neurtral to get it off the road. I managed to get a jump and did get the car home. Next day went to take it to the dealer and it would not start. Had it jumped again and got it to the dealer. They ran the computer check and said there was nothing wrong with it. I must have left the lights on. OK. Saturday went to get in the car and it would not start. Husband took the battery out and took to Auto Zone to have it checked. The battery is so dead the can't check to see if it is good. They finally get it charged enough to check and they say the battery is good and charge it. I drove the car Saturday. Seems to be fine. Sunday car won't start. Call South Tacoma Honda Monday. They tell me to bring the car over and leave it overnight. They just called to tell me I need a new battery a regular battery. I will play the game just because I want to harrass them. After reading these posts I am not sure they know how to fix them after a new IMA battery goes in. I am starting to think that you need to get a new car before the IMA goes out. I would not buy another hybrid!!!!!!!!!! If you have one get another car before the battery goes out!!!!!!

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    05 accord v6 surges in the

    05 accord v6 surges in the city.had it scanned shift solenoid codes came up.can you just change the solenoid or does tranny need to come out.

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    2005 Hybrid Accord. 90,000

    2005 Hybrid Accord. 90,000 miles on it. Other than the noise cancellation issue that was quickly fixed by finding the problem and solution on internet, simply printed a copy and took the notice & the car to the Honda dealership. I also had the engine light/rough running issue and
    found out either I needed to twist the gas cap 3 times after it first clicked or if that did not work, replace my gas cap. Twisting extra 3 twists to assure it seals has worked ever since.

    I would buy another Hybrid Accord if Honda still made one. Great pick-up, gets great mileage on the open highway even at 85 MPH or in the mountains.

    Good mileage in town. Comfortable car. This is my first Honda and I am amazed. My extended warranty is running out in 10000 miles and no one seems to know when the "hybrid" battery will require replacement so I went out looking at other Hybrid options today. When I came back, I checked on internet for issues some of these have. Wow. Maybe this battery will last another 90,000 miles.

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    My 2005 accord hybrid is

    My 2005 accord hybrid is making the speed related vibrating noise. Please send me the bulletin.

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    I would LOVE to hear what

    I would LOVE to hear what this problem is. It's been 5 years and no dealer can ever help us. It's a terrible low rumbling sound which is worse in warm weather. Any way to fix it would be welcome. Thanks!

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