// 98 Honda accord coupe 3.0 not starting
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    98 Honda accord coupe 3.0 not starting

    My Honda has 225 k miles has a new sending unit, fuel pump, main relay, ignition switch, and spark plugs. I cannot find the source of why my car will not start I replaced these things on my car due to car didn\\\\\\'t want start. Then it was fine every time I would turn a corner or drive it rpms would drop like I was running out ta gas then it would die now it will not start. I have checked all fuses. I have read in forums that this could take a lot of money to fix only because no one knows the source of why its not starting. I am a disabled female that is just trying too have a running vehicle and can\\\\\\'t figure out why it won\\\\\\'t start. It has a new battery but won\\\\\\'t hold a charge. Had charged it from my friends car for 25 minutes it gave it enough juice to put it in neutral and push it in the driveway with another car. Please someone help me.
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