// Lexus RX400H: will discount slightly
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    Lexus RX400H: will discount slightly

    I have the ability to make a RX400H available for immediate delivery. Certain colors may be able to discount. I am in the Baltimore MD area and want to earn your business. Anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region who wants to buy a Lexus hybrid contact me. If you are still waiting for yours from another dealer I can get you the one you want sooner. E-mail me at: [email protected] or call 410-998-3497

    Brent Baer

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    Lexus RX400H: will discount slightly

    Check the review of the 400H: they're unimpressive....I'd be suprised if this breaks any records in sales because it's such a bad deal financially....just get the 300, an Acura Suv, or the Ford Escape.

    It certainly is more a play for quick money on the back of the Prius, than a useful hybrid. My only hope is that the Prius +/Cal Cars people can offer an affordable battery kit so the 400H can become a useful, gas-conserving vehicle.

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