// Does it make sense for me to buy a Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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    Does it make sense for me to buy a Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    I need some help with making a choice about a new vehicle. I am a stay at home mom who drives very short distances- about 1,2000 miles every 6 months. I am in need of a new vehicle. I would like to buy the Highlander Hybrid simply because I need the larger vehicle, but want to be green. I can't justify the price difference to my husband, since I use so little gas to begin with. We also looked at some used highlanders, but I'm not sure the mpg on a used 2008, or 2009 would be all that better than a brand new (non-hybrid) highlander.

    So here are the options we are looking at- all limiteds with 4wd and discounted through our bank:

    Brand new hybrid (if we can even find one this time of year) $47,000
    Brand new non-hybrid $36,000
    2008 Used hybrid 37,000 miles $36,000
    2009 Used hybrid 43,0000 miles $31,000 (doesn't have nav and dvd player which aren't big deals to me) is a certified vehicle with a better warrenty than the 2008.

    It looks like the new highlanders get about 17/22 mpg. I know the mpg of the other hybrids when they are new, but I am wondering if that drops some as the vehicles age? Please let me know which vehicle YOU think would be best in this situation and why. I would REALLY appreciate your feedback!

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    1200 miles every 6 months is

    1200 miles every 6 months is very short drive.. I hope thatís what you meant. At that rate, I would go for anything used that fit your needs. 2400 miles in a year with worst gas guzzler is better then driving any hybrid at 12,000 miles per year hands down (You are as green as you can get with you life style). I would look for used Tahoe or Suburban just because they are bigger. IMO

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    Just like previous comment

    Just like previous comment says, if you really drive this little than I really don't see the point in buying a hybrid, you will barely be on the road anyways so the amount of greenhouse gas you would produce would be insignificant. You should try getting a non-hybrid having a good gas mileage and it doesn't have to be new, the last time I changed my car, I went for a pretty good used car and had my old car given away through a car donations program, choosing an used model left me in a very generous mood.

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